4 Metal Art Ideas to Decorate and Beautify an Empty Wall at Home

4 Metal Art Ideas to Decorate and Beautify an Empty Wall at Home

It is a common scenario for most houses to have an entirely blank wall. In most cases, the homeowner just doesn’t know what to put in there. With so many decorations that are sold in stores and boutiques, it may seem too confusing how to decorate such empty space. Should you be going for larger ornamental pieces? The one with glass surfaces? Or the colorful frames? The concept of decorating the wall may appear daunting for some people because of their worry that maybe the displayed objects may not complement each other. Others are more concerned with the theme they chose to stick with. These situations indeed can be distressing which can eventually lead to your unwillingness to do anything with the wall.

This is a normal circumstance that almost every house owner experiences and even designers themselves struggle coming up with decorations as soon as they’re faced with an empty wall. However, you have to accept that an empty wall is nothing short but dull and unexciting. You have to bring life to space by filling it with items that remind you or others about your family’s principles and attributes. But if you want a very distinct decoration that could be created according to your tastes, you can opt for laser cut metal wall art.

Other suggestions are listed below:

Recyclable materials

We can do our part to conserve and protect our resources by utilizing recycled materials. As much as possible, we need to practice lessening the number of wastes we produce daily since the level of pollution only continued to increase as years passed by. There are plenty of tutorials online that teach how to create ornaments using recycled materials such as plastic, paper, glass, scrap wood, and many more. Even scrap metals from your car or bike can be used to form another metal figure again. With the help of the laser cutting machine, these large-sized metal pieces can be divided into smaller pieces to form another metal decoration. Let your creativity flow and who knows you might be innovating your next source of decorative essentials.

Kitchen-inspired ornaments

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With laser-cut metal, any shape is possible. If you have an empty wall located in your kitchen, you can customize some metal pieces with the shapes of common kitchen utensils and items. If you want to impart a quote related to cooking, that’s possible too. You can have a metal plate with engraved letters that spell out the quote and display it on the blank space. 

Large mirrors with metal frame

If you cannot think of a good centerpiece for your wall, a large mirror can solve the problem. The mirror, when placed as the focal point, can provide multiple advantages not only as a decorative element. Aside from the fact that it can be utilized as a source of reflection and illusion that allows the room to look spacious. It can also contribute to the room’s appeal by letting light enter the area. It is also beneficial to those who believe in feng shui since mirrors are said to bring positive energy. Likewise, it can also help in boosting one’s self-confidence in their image. To protect the edges of the mirror, it is suggested to have it surrounded using a laser-cut metal frame which can also add elegance to its appearance. This looks best for those with interior designs that follow the vintage, floral, or Renaissance styles. 

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3D metal decorations 

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If you are looking for decorations that are extraordinary or with greater emphasis, then, three-dimensional metal art is the one you need. You have the freedom to choose what kind of figure. It can range from persons, animals to abstract shapes. Whatever that is, you can rely on professional metal crafters to bring your ideas to reality. What you only need to do is plan out the size, shape, color, and metal type before it gets to be fabricated. Laser-cut metal is the most common type of metal-cutting method because of its accuracy and clean performance. It can cut even the small intricate shapes and holes which is why it is favored by many metal manufacturers all over the world. Now, several machines are invented like the digital laser cutting machines for more upgraded and accurate cuts.


Laser-cut metal wall art is a versatile style of decoration out there mainly because of the benefits it has earned from the material itself, metal. Metal is a known element considered as the backbone of every industry existing today. Since every object that is produced is made out of metal, metal has become an abundant element on the planet. There are plenty of its variants that have been discovered for centuries, making it the type of element with the most sub-types. Although metals are quite similar, they differ in very many characteristics but this is also the very reason why metal is able to cater demands of different fields.