The Trendiest Mid-Century Modern Desk for WFH

The Trendiest Mid-Century Modern Desk for WFH

We were not aware of the new trend of working from home. The vagueness of COVID arose at a very fast pace. With this new fashion, employees have left their offices and started working from home. Though for some time it felt great. But in a period, we started missing our offices, working environment, proper seating, and mid-century Modern desk, etc.

Due to the advent of time, we are nowhere ready to join back to our offices. We are afraid to get caught with the virus because of public gatherings. And, now we need to have our offices in our homes only.

Many people have started making a separate room as their office. And it is your turn now to give a working environment at your home. With this environment, you will cherish and enjoy your work.

Best Mid-Century Modern Desk Design Ideas

To help you out we bring you the best mid-century modern desk 2021. These are retro but utilitarian designs of the mid-century modern desk. These desks designs are so compact that they will not utilize much of your space.

The best mid-century modern desk has vivid features like stylish drawers, simple and elegant look, comes in various sizes and functionalities, clean lines, and organic legs. This furniture piece is a mid-century modern desk, because of its usage you will love to incorporate it into your daily life. You will love your personal office space, where you will love to work.

So here are the few designs and styles of mid-century modern desks: –

1. Wooden Mid-Century Modern Desk

mid century modern desk


The mid-century modern desk is small and compact. And it has a big amount of space available for your daily office needs. This is one of the best desks. You can arrange all your documents, files, and other papers cleanly in them. The drawers of this desk are very smooth to pull in and out.

Also, in the other wreck, you can add your stationery, your little memories from your office desk and put your lovely flower vase or live plant on the tabletop. And it has so much space where you can put your laptop, arrange the wires neatly, and do your office work on papers at that same time.

The wooden desk is for indoor use only. It is completely made of engineering wood. The matte finish gives it a rustic look and it has dimensions- 76 x 100x 55 cm.

2. Compact Wooden Desk

mid century modern desk


One of the highly-rated mid-century modern desk 2021. The compact design helps it to consume very little space. It is pocket-friendly and easily goes with your existing furniture. It can become an office table and study table. Also due to the double story of the workspace it has, you can use it as a decoration table.

It is a foldable table which opens up to become an office table. It has a shelf at the top to keep your other things and make your modern desk look clutter-free. You can close it back when you are done with your work, and all your office work will be inside one table or space.

As per the specifications, it is tailor-made and made up of Sheesham wood with a teak finish look. This mid-century modern desk 2021 comes in two variants – Sheesham wood and engineering wood. The approx. size is 100 x 90 x 60 cm.

3. Marble Mid-Century Modern Desk

mid century modern desk


The piece is the perfect fit for your needs if you are looking for any style and elegance. Because of the design, it looks so chic and simple. And, at the same time, it has a lot of space. In the open compartments, you can put your laptop when not in use. It has beautiful golden hairpin legs which add to its beauty.

You might be amazed that the top is not actual marble. It is light in weight and made of wood laminated with a marble effect. And, it helps enhance the sense of space, particularly for the legs.

The piece shown above is one of the best mid-century modern desks and it is available in two colors. White-golden and white-silver. Approximately the dimensions are- 40 x 115 x60 cms.

4. Glass Desk

mid century modern desk


This modern desk you are seeing is very simple and elegant. It can be your square table conference desk. And we use it as some side table, if not in use. Remember you having loads of work and drinking coffee to be awake. We try to bring office memories with this look. We use them as both a contemporary look and a traditional look.

This desk is made up of toughened glass on the top and Sheesham legs at the bottom. The glass is removable.

5. Swinging Mid-Century Modern Desk

mid century modern desk


The desk is designed intelligently. It has a swivel mechanism. Because of this table can extend. When you require more space, you can extend the side part. Else, it will close down under the big part. And it will surely complement your room or the place you are keeping it in.

And it is the best mid-century modern desk. It is cheerful to know that zero wastage generates while making this table. Moreover, it has an organic rustic look. And it is approximately the size of 70 x 120 x 45 cm.

6. Brown Wood Mid-Century Desk

best mid century modern desk


This is an elegant piece of art. This is one of the best mid-century modern desks available in the market. The Indian origin mid-century modern desk is used as a coffee table also. It is richly made of Sheesham wood. You can add your stationaries in the drawer available.

It takes you into the retro world but it syncs well with your existing furniture. We apply dark-wood color polish. Product dimensions are roughly 75 x 120 x 60 cm.

7. Rough Print Mid-Century Modern Desk

best mid century modern desk


The mid-century modern desk shown above is made up of hand-picked Sheesham wood. The good quality Sheesham used and the making style make it durable and strong. It comes with a premium finish and we do not require any yearly polish. The size of this desk is 135 x 55 x 75 cm.

8. Walnut Wood Mid-Century Modern Desk

best mid century modern desk


The simple and elegant design of this mid-century modern desk will enhance the look of the room where it is kept. The blend of modern with a retro look, it has a walnut wood top and a metallic frame at the bottom. It is painted in black. It has tapered legs and a golden-colored bottom. And, it has two drawers and one open shelf.

9. Chic Mid-Century Modern Desk

best mid century modern desk


This desk is full of style and elegance. It draws the attention of the people towards it. Moreover, it is slim and requires less space to install. It is simple but provides large office space. You can add a desktop also on it.

It comes with a walnut finish look. They are kept in a corner as a side table if not in use. The dimensions of this chic modern desk are 46 x 26 x 30 inches.

10. Large Desk

best mid century modern desk


The piece shown above is the best desk. It is a very popular mid-century modern desk 2021. And it is made of walnut wood and tempered glass. It has stainless steel hardware. Overall dimensions of the large modern desk are 98 x 35 x 28 inches.

It has five cube drawers which glide in very smoothly. The German-made hinges look extravagant. It also has one open drawer and two boxes. The important thing to know is that it has pads for floor protection. It can act like a complete office space. We use them in big areas. You can invite your team to your place and enjoy the work.

Care Instructions

  1. To avoid any damage to the polish or the wood, we should use coasters and mats whenever we keep any wet -hot or cold thing on the surface.
  2. If any stain occurs, it should be immediately cleaned.
  3. If your existing furniture has started looking old, you can apply wax rub or polish on it. Because of it, they will have a new shine.
  4. Polish fades away and wood becomes dry because of aging.
  5. The mid-century modern desk is simple and elegantly handled. We should not drag them too much, as it can weaken the hinges and joints.

Enjoy Your Work with a Mid-Century Modern Desk

These mid-century modern desks are the best buy. Because they are simple, graceful in look, and come with great utilities. They are neat desks and have built-in shelves. They provide a minimalist look and sleek design. The only drawback with them is that they are not typically office desks.

They cannot handle bulky hardware things if you have loads of work to do. We incorporate these modern desks because they help us to create the right environment for our office space and at the same time we can showcase our creativity with them. If added with a comfortable chair your office space is complete.

One thing to keep in mind while buying a mid-century modern desk is to focus on certain factors. They can be kids, climate, etc.

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