Creative Minecraft Bedroom Ideas And Themes For You

Creative Minecraft Bedroom Ideas And Themes For You

Minecraft is one of the games that people of all ages love and have a huge fan base. Like any other theme, you even have Minecraft bedroom ideas inspired by various elements of the game. This article will check out a few ideas and ways of redesigning a bedroom, keeping in mind the concept of the game. 

Different Ways to Incorporate the Minecraft Bedroom Theme 

This particular theme’s beauty is that it is colorful and has some small elements that bring in the game’s feel. You can choose to go all-in by giving the room a complete makeover by opting for these methods. 

The ideas mentioned in this section even go perfectly with any classic theme that involves colors like browns, lemon, yellow, green, and blue. Here are some ways to redecorate a room to blend in with the Minecraft theme. 


minecraft Bed designs


One of the options you have to bring in the Minecraft theme is to opt for the Minecraft theme to buy bedding with prints of the game. There is a wide range of Minecraft-themed-based bedding options in the market. You can buy the complete bedding set that includes matching bedsheets, pillow covers, quilts, etc. 

Another way to bring in Minecraft interior designs is by opting for solid colors like black, earthy green, or sage bedsheets. To mimic the look, you can choose checkered or block pattern bed covers or pillowcases and replicate the look. 

Minecraft Bedroom Theme for Furniture, Shelves, and Storage

Minecraft Bedroom Design Ideas


You can choose to go with cube-based furniture for storage by opting for black or white cubicles as cupboard options. The side tables can be square-shaped furniture in colors like dark brown or black to get the feel. Even a footlocker trunk in black color will do the trick and serve as a storage option as well. Add square-shaped brass lamps to finish the look or theme of the bedroom. 


minecraft bedroom Windows designs


For the windows, you have the flexibility of playing with the amazing curtains. Opt for darker hues like red, deep black, or dark grey for larger bedrooms. In smaller rooms, lighter earth or tan colors will help bring in natural light while making the room airier and more open. 

Wall Decor

minecraft bedroom Wall Decor


Playing with different wall decor is a lot of fun, especially for Minecraft bedroom ideas. On this front, you have options like handing diamond swords, opting for torch-based lighting fixtures, or even making a Minecraft theme-based wall as a focal point. Even wall hangings can do the trick when it comes to wall décor. 

Minecraft Bedroom Wall Color Combinations 

This section of the article will see a few design ideas for the Minecraft wall ideas. Along with that, we will also check out some color combinations that will blend in perfectly. 

Green, Black, Cream, and Grey Colored Checker Wall

Minecraft Bedroom Wall Color


With this combination, the primary colors will be dark and light green, and black. The secondary colors will be dark and light grey with two or more cream-colored squares depending on the wall’s size. 

  • Alternate color option– Another color option you have for this theme would be Dark blue, medium or light teal, and medium-dark grey.
  • Best for– You can use this color combination for large or wide rooms. You can choose to go with just one single wall or even apply this concept to two walls. 

Light and Dark Green, Lemon Yellow, and Black Checks with a Central Focal Point

Minecraft Bedroom Wall Color


In this wall design idea, you can opt for rectangular checks instead of square ones as the base. The primary colors in this idea would be dark and light green. Lemon yellow rectangles become the secondary color option. The black color will be placed in the center to replicate the look of the checkered face. 

  • Best for– this color combination is best for medium-sized rectangular-shaped rooms or even medium-sized rooms. 

Small Squared Brown, Tan, Black, Dark, Medium and Light Green Combination

Minecraft Bedroom Wall Color


Minecraft bedroom designs are all about choosing the right colors. The second color pallet or option you have is to go with dark and light brown and tan as the primary color, while light and dark green and black act as secondary colors. 

In this concept, the brown and tan shades will occupy at least three fourth of the wall. Dark and light green is used for the remaining one-fourth. Black will spread across the entire walls and form like a boundary or transition line between the upper and lower portion. 

  • Alternate color option – Another color option you have in this theme is – Light blue, dark teal, and light grey.
  • Best for – this combination is best for small rooms where one wall becomes the focal point. The other walls will be in plain solid colors. 

Plain Dark and Light Grey-Colored Walls 

Minecraft Bedroom Wall Color


If you do not want to go for the multi-colored look, you can opt for grey-colored walls. To create the focal point:

  1. Make one wall with a combination of both dark and grey colors.
  2. Give a thin black linking to replicate the look of large-sized bricks.
  3. Compliment this wall with a medium grey color on the remaining walls.

Another color combination that you can use with this theme would be a Black wall with blue lining for the checkered look instead of grey checkers. 

  • Alternate color option – The other alternative is to go with the color combination of light blue, dark teal, and light grey
  • Best for – medium-sized and naturally well-lit rooms

Solid Base with Checkered Center Design

minecraft Solid Base with Checkered Center Design


Since we are looking at Minecraft bedroom themes, another option would be to go with a solid base. You can choose any solid color like dark or light green, dark or light teal, dark or light brown, and complement it with differently-sized black square-shaped checkers. 

Plain Solid Colors

Minecraft Bedroom Wall Color


If checkers are not your style, then you can still stick to the solid-colored walls. The only difference is here; you can choose the different colors that replicate the Minecraft theme. This will be a perfect idea for people who have a budget.

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas Wallpapers

Now, if you do not want to go with paints, you opt for opting for wallpapers. You will get a wide range of different designed Minecraft-themed wallpapers online. This is a perfect choice if you want to stick with the traditional solid base. You can make the smallest or largest wall as the focal front by using wallpaper. 

Some Other Ideas and Elements for a Minecraft Bedroom Theme

If you are on a budget and cannot walk the whole nine yards, you can still incorporate by opting for simple and easy Minecraft bedroom ideas. In this section, we will look at some pocket-friendly and easy ways to bring in the theme. 

Minecraft Wall Art

Minecraft bedroom wall decor


If you do not want to change the room’s overall look, you can choose to go with the Minecraft wall art. It is also a perfect DIY idea if you’re going to keep the kids busy. All you need to do is look for Minecraft characters and download or print the designs. You can use either wood, plastic, or tiles for the base and make the wall art. 

Minecraft Character Shaped Pillows

Minecraft bedroom ideas: pillows


Instead of investing in bedding, you choose to choose bed pillows where the Minecraft characters inspire the shape. This idea is also a pocket-friendly option and makes a perfect gift selection for any child. 

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas with Carpets or Rugs

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas with Carpets or Rugs


You can bring in the Minecraft them by opting for checker carpets or rugs. The colors go with a combination of shades of colors like green, teal, grey, brown, lime yellow, etc. You also choose to opt for a bright multi-colored rug with color options like orange, red, blue, lemon yellow, pink, green, black, and white. 

Door Posters or Signs

Minecraft bedroom ideas


Give your door some life by adding fun elements like posters or signboards inspired by the game. They come with some catchy one-liners and look colorful. It is also a perfect way to prevent anyone from disturbing you while you are in the room. 

Minecraft Inspired Bean Bags

Minecraft bedroom ideas


There is nothing better than to laze around on a bean bag. Well, now you can use the bean bag as a part of the theme. Look out for Minecraft-inspired bean bags that come in different designs and sizes and are based on various game elements. Not only will this blend in perfectly with the theme, but it will also make an excellent addition for additional seating in the bedroom. 

Time to Get Crafty with Minecraft Bedroom Themes

Decorating a bedroom is not difficult, especially when you have a theme or concept in mind. The Minecraft bedroom theme is one of the most popular themes amongst people of all age groups. This theme comes with some bold color combinations that can make even a dull room look alive. There are so many ideas and concepts that you can use which replicate the theme of the game. So, go ahead, get crafty, and unleash your creativity.

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