Minecraft Interior Design Ideas: 17 Incredible Decoration Ideas to Take Inspiration From!

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas: 17 Incredible Decoration Ideas to Take Inspiration From!

Designing and building houses in Minecraft has become an addiction for many people (good one!). From underground pool houses to modern beach houses, and you can create many types of constructions in this game. Some players are comfortable living in a small, unfurnished shelter, while others take pleasure in constructing more luxurious homes. Building the same kind of structure, again and again, can be a little boring, right? What about creating some new designs? After the latest updates, now you can construct more detailed luxurious, and modern houses in Minecraft interior design. 

Are you looking for some cool Minecraft interior design ideas? Though Minecraft doesn’t contain many furniture items, you can still build amazing interiors with basic materials. Today we’re going to tell you how you can decorate the interiors of your Minecraft house. These easy yet creative Minecraft decoration ideas will help you to improve the interiors and appearance of your dream house! Keep on reading to know some of the most trendy, classy, and exciting Minecraft interior design ideas of 2021! 

“For those who are new and don’t know what a Minecraft game is, let us tell you that it is a sandbox indie simulation game published by Mojang. In this 3D game, there are two modes: Survival mode and Creative mode. Here you can build various types of structures, gather resources, craft items, and fight monsters.”

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas

The good news is that the updated version of Minecraft has many new decorative items such as pots, flowers, paintings, lamps, chandeliers, and stained glass windows. You can also make many furniture items from basic materials like tables or couches, countertops, sinks, toilets, and showers. So let’s see how you can decorate the interiors of your Minecraft house to make it more attractive. Here are some Minecraft Interior design tips for you:

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Living Room

Minecraft Design Ideas For Living Room

Source: alnaasher.com

Let’s start with the living room because it is an essential part of a home. To make your entertainment area more realistic, you can add more modern, medieval, and traditional furnishing such as couches and seats. These little Minecraft furniture ideas will completely transform your space. Here are some cool Minecraft living room ideas:


Minecraft Interior Design: Couches

Source: tanishascraft.com

Whether it be in real life or game life, couches are the most important thing in living rooms. You can easily replicate your desired type of sofa or couch in the game. To make a Minecraft couch, all you need to do is to put two or more stair blocks next to each other in L- shape. To make it longer, place more slabs and surround them with wool blocks to make it fancy and fluffy. 


Minecraft Interior Design: Tables

Source: nimvo.com

Instead of the regular table, try to design something new. If you have a couch, you can make a small center table and coffee table. Use some fence posts and create a small end or side table. Do experiment and build what you like best! 


Minecraft Interior Design: Television 

Source: saymedia-content.com

No living room is complete without a big plasma LED Tv, right? The latest version has a Minecraft TV, but you can also create it by placing four or six blocks of black wool (or obsidian) together. Maybe your TV isn’t functional, but it will complete the look of your family room! 


Minecraft Interior Design: Fireplace

Source: pinimg.com

Another great addition to your Minecraft house interiors is a Fireplace! Use a few blocks or bricks and add fire on one corner or in the center of your entertainment room. Not only will it keep your room warm but also it will work as great decor. 

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Bedroom

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Bedroom

Source: interiorcraze.com

Apart from the living room, another important place that you can design in many ways is the Bedroom. This is your personal space where you can relax and retreat. Here you’ll keep all your personal belongings, so decorate your Minecraft interior design bedroom with a dresser, closets, and more items to make it cozy. Here are some fun Minecraft bedroom ideas


minecraft Bed design

Source: bibandtuck.com

A bed is one of the essential pieces of Minecraft furniture so that you can add to your bedroom. You can create a double king-sized bed and a single bed, or a bunk bed if you’re designing for the kid’s bedroom. 

Minecraft Interior Design For Dresser

Minecraft Dresser Design

Source: tanishascraft.com

To store all your clothes, personal belongings, and other apparel, put a dresser in the room. There is no Minecraft dresser, but you can make it by placing two long chests on top of each other. 


Minecraft Interior Design: Closet

Source: pinimg.com

Another functional piece of furniture is the closet. You can add a Minecraft closet in your bedroom interiors for decoration or fill it with chests or other items (it depends on you!). For that, dig one block deep and two blocks high into any wall of your bedroom. You can change the design like wider, deeper or taller, or just make a huge walk-in closet! 


Minecraft Interior Design for Desk

Source: minecraftfurniture.net

Desk in the bedroom: some people like it, some not! If you’re a workaholic, just make a desk. You can easily build a Minecraft desk by placing two fence posts next to each other with wooden pressure plates (or wood slabs) on top. It will be a great addition to your Minecraft bedroom interiors.  

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen

Source: pinimg.com

The next place to decorate is your kitchen. There are multiple ways by which you can modify and design your Minecraft kitchen interiors. Here is some super fun to do Minecraft kitchen ideas: 


Minecraft Interior Design For Stove

Source: genapilot.ru

The stove is already present in Minecraft. For a more functional realistic-looking kitchen, use a furnace and crafting table. 



Source: planetminecraft.com

Another important element of the cooking place is countertops. You can use granite stone blocks for countertops and use a bookshelf as a simple cupboard. 



Source: ytimg.com

So what if the real refrigerator isn’t an available item in Minecraft, you can always replicate it with basic materials. First, dig down one block where you want your fridge to be, then place a chest inside that hole. After this, put one iron block above that and an iron door in front of your fridge. 



Source: bibandtuck.com

Not only a sink is a cool decorative item to have in your cooking place, but also it is a great place to store some water. To build a sink, first put down one cauldron, fill it with some water and lastly, and place one tripwire hook (as a faucet).



Source: pinimg.com

You can obviously create different types of interior in your kitchen and Minecraft dining room. Just pick some blocks and start creating a design. Use various patterns and materials to create a fantastic kitchen. 

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Bathroom

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Bathroom

Source: wonderhowto.com

Your home will not be entirely finished without a bathroom, right? To decorate your Minecraft bathroom interiors by placing some essential things. You can easily make toilets, showers, sinks, and more just with basic materials. Here are some awesome Minecraft bathroom ideas: 



Source: nocookie.net

To create a more real-looking toilet, use a cauldron. Then fill it with water and put a trapdoor on top of it and the trapdoor will act as a toilet lid. 



Source: playground.ru

Sinks are important in bathrooms, and they will make your bath look more aesthetically pleasing. To make a sink, use as usual a cauldron and put a stone slab in front of it. Don’t forget to put a tripwire hook because it will act as a faucet. 


interior design minecraft Shower

Source: architecturesideas.com

A shower is a part where you can play with your imagination. You can build a small shower or a huge luxurious glass shower. Use slabs or blocks to make the edge of the shower. If you want an open shower, leave it here and if not, like an open shower, use some glass panes to give it a closed-in look. 

Minecraft Interior Design Ideas For Garage

interior design minecraft garage

Source: redd.it

If you’re building a garage, here is the Minecraft furniture guide for you. Build your garage in a spacious place and put all the tools & kits to create a realistic garage look. You can add lights and appliances to your Minecraft garage interiors to give it a modern authentic garage look. 

If you are looking for Minecraft interior wall designs for your house, read our previous blog on incredible Minecraft Wall Ideas. 

The Bottom Line

From luxury furniture items to fancy decorations, there are many things that you can do in your Minecraft house interiors. Don’t be afraid to try various styles and designs and keep experimenting. Here we have told you the quick and easy Minecraft interior design ideas, but you can always change them and make them more detailed if you want. You can literally build anything in your Minecraft house and the creative possibilities are endless. 

So, this is all about the easy yet attractive Minecraft interior design ideas. Do try out these and let us know the more Minecraft furniture designs in the comment section. If you find this blog helpful, do share this with all your Minecraft playing friends. 

Until then, keep Minecrafting, keep building, and keep coming to Innovativedecorideas

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