11+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas! For you

11+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas! For you

While modern farmhouse interiors are described by shiplap and stylish provincial goods, it’s the exteriors where the fashioner can extend their wings and make a home that sticks out. The plan of a modern farmhouse exterior has taken over in fame. With the broad scope of approaches to accomplish this look, it’s no big surprise why this style keeps on being on the ascent. 

Even though there are some key attributes, there aren’t numerous restrictions to your taste. While high contrast is the conventional base exterior tones, a house may profit from a modern facelift with contemporary highlights and materials.

Let’s explore some exciting and numerous ideas. 

Plane Siding Exterior Idea 

modern farmhouse exterior: Plane Siding Exterior

Source: HGTV.com

  • Plane siding is one of the highest customarily picked exterior materials. Practically all project workers are open to working with it.
  •  Its commonality attempts to speed up and simplify the establishment interaction. It additionally attempts to drive down the expense. 
  • In the exchanges, workers for hire and home providers allude to the even siding as clapboard or lap siding. The style comprises long, even boards and is equivalent to an outside shiplap. 
  • The plan leaves a perfect, completed look, which is extraordinary for a straightforward farmhouse.

Metal Roof Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas 

Metal Roof Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: Pinterest.com

  • Choosing the best roofing material can appear to be overpowering. 
  • While black-top shingles start to lead the pack in ubiquity, a metal rooftop is near followed. Metal has a higher forthright expense, however. 
  • Its life span can outstand black-top up to multiple times. Its remarkable water-shedding capacities take into consideration the material to withstand unforgiving environments. 
  • This is critical, contingent upon where you are living. 
  • The modern plan is additionally stylishly satisfying. Contingent upon the rooftop’s shape, you’ll pick between layered shingles or standing creases. 
  • Standing creases loan the good metal rooftop plan to your home. Layered shingles (which come in sheets) aren’t as liable to warn bystanders to your home’s metallic cap. You can even consider blending the two plan styles to supplement each other. 
  • Despite the material, it’s in every case best to talk with an expert if taking on this venture.

White Beauty Modern Farmhouse Idea

White Beauty Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: pinterest.com

  • Are you looking for something unique traditional, and raw, which blends perfectly with the farmhouse’s entire look of the farmhouse? 
  • Go for full white beauty that will set with the color of the farmhouse. 
  • This entirely one-color theme and design will make the first impression of the visitor’s and family’s first impression stunned!
  • Suppose you are looking forward to making the exterior look contrasting with the other features. In that case, you may add dark color windows and doors to the house.
  • Though his white beauty happens to be a traditional style, some contrasting and latest touches can give an absolute modern touch to the farmhouse.

Dark Touch Modern Farmhouse

Dark Touch: Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: Mcgeorgehome.com

  • Not satisfied with all of “white beauty,” try on a dark touch to the farmhouse.
  • This dark decorative touch will give detailed communication to the entire exterior of the farmhouse.
  • Even if you adopt a light theme for the house’s exterior color of a house dark decorative touch will create a detailed touch that would deeply define the look.
  • Plus, the dark trim always gives a perfect look to the modern farmhouse.
  • If you are still obsessed with holding on to the traditional style, yet want to invest in a contemporary finish, try a dark touch. You will end up with a satisfying result.

Gable Roof Exterior

Gable Roof: Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: civicconcepts.com

  • Gable roofs are one of the most common features you can find in every Modern Farmhouse exterior.
  • This is the triangle shape that is adopted as the roof shape in almost every modern house exterior.
  • This has two plus points; first – your house looks heightened if you are adopting this slope, second – if your farmhouse is situated in a high rain or snowfall affected area, this helps in draining them quickly without creating any mess further.
  • One more plus point is that this gives the room ceiling or the roof the right height. If you want, you can have your hangout place in the farmhouse. 
  • If you must have noticed, gable roofs usually are made of brick or wood color, the reason behind this is that it gives the entire exterior of the farmhouse a bold and a defined look. They are usually paired with asphalt shingles.

Liliput Height Gable Roof Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Liliput Height Gable Roof: Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: Littlecottageco.com

  • Lower pitch (Liliput) Gable Roof is usually built to give a look rather than for its draining feature. This does not have a tall and drains the rainwater or the snowfall.
  • This is comparatively less expensive to build, and in the future, if you face any repairing issues, one can easily dismantle this.
  • As this is lower in height, the maintenance is far better and more manageable than the traditional Gable Roof.
  • The interior also benefits as the height is comparatively low. You can take over the control of the temperature and the maintenance.
  • The roof’s bold dark grey or brown color may give a defined and aggressive look with subtle roof details to00 the farmhouse’s entire exterior.

Confined Modern Exterior Idea

Confined Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: dixonkirby.com

  • Do you have less space to build all the above types of a modern farmhouse, do not worry, make a narrow or confined exterior structure for your modern farmhouse?
  • The confined layout is nothing new, people adopt this style in some of the small cities or avoid any extra space coverage of the space.
  • Suppose your farmhouse’s exterior space wants to have some spacious room in the modern farmhouse’s outer space to build the interior space. In that case, you can have an additional porch.
  • Compact Modern Farmhouses are not just close, and they are even very stylish and elegant in looks.
  • You can give a blend of city-style features to make the look more. 

Wooden Touch Exterior Idea

Wooden touch: Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: pinterest.com

  • Wooden touch to the house’s exterior is one of the best options to spotlight the detailed architectural features. 
  • I am sure you will go for the ultimate finish that accessorizes the best with the exterior paint yet blends with the farmhouse exterior conditions.
  • If you are looking for something which lasts long with any damage or further repairing investments, go for redwood or cedar.
  • Supported beams around the entryways and the window panes are among the most entertaining areas for wooden accessories.
  • But, yes, if you are planning to use multiple touches, be sure that the contrasting effect is not loud for the exteriors.
  • Wooden entry doors and garage doors are going crazy around the trend to give an ultimate rustic look for the farmhouse’s exterior feature. You may also attach black accessories or handles to the doors to give them a modern look and stand out to the entire external feature.

Foyer Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Foyer: Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Source: Onekindesign.com

  • Have you ever thought of having a rustic and old-fashioned foyer in the front with a paired sitting couch or chairs and some hangings that will perfectly make the mood to have an outdoor tea of coffee time?
  • Foyers are one of the most acknowledged and classic designs every family chooses for their farmhouses. The only thing you need to consider is using strong and sturdy materials for the base. 
  • Using wood, concrete or bricks is preferable to have a reliable base without any tension, other than that, and there are no things or rules to worry about.
  • The place and size of the foyer are your choice and creativeness. You have plenty of exciting ideas, and there is no limitation in the foyer area’s creativity. So be creative and limitless.
  • As discussed, you can avail any of the plenty of designs you can stretch or limit your budget according to your convenience and selection. Open design or railing, whatever you prefer, fits perfectly with the modern farmhouse exterior theme. 

Exterior Paint Ideas for Modern Farmhouse

Exterior Paint Ideas for Modern Farmhouse

Source: KylieMinteriors.com

  • When you plan for the farmhouse’s exterior paint, don’t limit yourself to white color. If you explore in detail, you will discover numerous options, styles, designs, and colors that are correctly set with the exterior and theme of the farmhouse.
  • If you are ready to showcase the boldness within you, you can dare to go for a Black on a Black color theme that unveils the ultimate chic definition.
  • Stone detailing or wooden touch gives an instant standout to the entire dark theme and tones.
  •  If you cant go soo bold, go for block prints with contrasting light and dark themes. Choose wisely; opt for black and white or blue and white. If you still found this too loud, you may even go for some of the subtle and neutral colors that will blend perfectly with your entire exterior theme and provide you the ultimate modern look.

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Modern Frontdoor Farmhouse Ideas

Modern Frontdoor Farmhouse Ideas

Source: Hgtvphotolibrary.com

  • The best way to decorate your modern farmhouse’s exterior is to recreate or redesign the front door. The first sight of visitors of friends visiting your farmhouse goes on the front door.
  • Please select the appropriate idea to build a royal and classic image for the people seeing it.
  • Add planters on both ends, and this will help to set natural greenery to the scene.
  • You may even add lights or paintings to the walls framing the front door.
  • Make sure you select the correct choice to have a satisfied and exciting look.

The Conclusion

With this, I am pretty sure you must have collected many ideas and points that can be cond=sidered while you are building a modern farmhouse exterior.

Just keep few pointers in mind while creating the farmhouse exterior; choose the right idea, theme, color, design, and style. Once and for all, you are done with all this, you are ready to slay!!