The Office Floor Plan Ideas: Make the Best Arrangement for Your Employees

The Office Floor Plan Ideas: Make the Best Arrangement for Your Employees

Office floor plans are certainly a matter of dilemma for the office owners. How to arrange the stuff in the office? Where to keep the desks and chairs? Where to situate the doors and windows? Should we create an open seating area or create a private zone for the employees? What all things we need to include and what not? 

These are all the common questions that pop up in the mind of the office owners when they are in the stage of drafting out the office floor plan. If you are in the same stage then no need to worry at all and its time to relieve you from your dilemma. 

Doesn’t matter you have bought your own space or rented it, you can create an awesome office plan irrespective of that having a vivid working environment that boosts the productivity of the employees to the next level. 

We will walk you through some good examples, ideas, and floor plans that you can check out and get some clarity on how you want your office to look like. 

The floor plan that you want to have in your office will totally depend on the work/business that you do, the space that you have in your office, the number of employees that you will be having, and other requirements. 

Floor plan for Home office


If you are looking for a home office plan where you are only going to work or the other scenario where you want to build an office in your home itself and going to include few employees with you then check out the below ideas that you can think of.

Scenario 1: Working alone

  • Desk facing against the wall

office floor plan


You can keep your desk facing the wall and this will help you to work with proper focus and remove any distractions from the path. 

You can have the right wall chosen that can give you an adjacent window and this will give you an outside view and good airflow. This will give a rest to your eyes and you can take a break from your busy schedule viewing the outside things. 

Curtains will be necessary for the windows as direct sunlight on your computer screen won’t let you work properly. 

You can have shelves on the wall and this will give you easy access to what you need right from your desk. 

  • Desk in the middle of the room

office floor plan


This is also suitable and one can think of keeping the desk in the middle of the room if it doesn’t disturb anyone and allow free movement despite keeping it in the middle. 

The other space in the room can be used for shelving, cupboards, chairs, and other stuff. 

Based on the plan of your room, the desk arrangement can be straight or it can be diagonal as well. 

  • Desk against window

office floor plan


Keeping a desk against a window is good for the airflow and outside view but the problem is with the abundant light entering the room. You might not able to focus on the computer screen due to the background light coming from the window. Blinds will help to lower the glare. 

Scenario 2: Working with Multiple People

office floor plan


If there are two people then you can have a back to back, side by side or front-facing desks as per your wish and convenience. 

If there are more than two people working in the home office then you will need more desks and you can make the arrangement of the desks as you find convenient. There should be enough space such that one can move freely and it doesn’t look congested. 

You can also think of a double duty home office such that it serves the purpose of a home office in the work timing and at night it can be converted into a bedroom or other room. Foldable beds and tables can come handy if you are planning to do something like this. 

Now, let’s see some good office plans to arrange the desks considering the different use cases that offices have.  

Office layout 1: For Offices requiring collaboration

office floor plan


If you are looking for an office space that needs a lot of collaboration and interaction and where people need to sit together to complete the work then you need to make the office plan in such a way that all desks are created near to each other. 

You can create a big round table or an oval table where people will take their seats, put their laptops on the table, and start working and collaborate with each other very easily and comfortably. There won’t be a need to have a separate conference room for this, people can do the meeting sitting at their place only.  

You can also make clusters of small and large groups. For this, you will require tables of different sizes. 

You can also put some free seats around the corner where someone can go and sit when they want to sit alone for some time. This will be required when someone is not part of the meeting too. Bean bags will be perfect for this as they will allow people to place their laptops comfortably in their lap and work. 

It is the most appropriate environment for media companies, advertising companies, etc. 

Office layout 2: For Startups

office floor plan


If you are launching a new startup then this office layout will be perfect for you. With few employees, you can create a free environment, renting a small space, you can add all the necessary things required to roll the ball. 

You can have separate desks created in the space, no need to keep them together if you want to create a free environment. Easy to move laptop desks are perfect for a startup. 

It depends on the type of work that you are having. If it requires frequent communication between the resources then a close seating arrangement is a necessity otherwise bean bags and loose chairs will suffice the need.

You will need whiteboards to sketch out ideas doing a meeting. Have some space for it as well. 

A standing desk is also good to have so that when someone is bored of sitting and working, they can stand and work for some time. The trend for standing laptop desks is increasing so think about buying it for your workspace, your employees will find it helpful!

If you have rented or bought a big space then a room for lunch and break activities will be great. 

Office layout 3: Cubicles

office floor plan


If you want to create some private zones for your employees where they can sit and work quietly then creating cubicles will do the work for you. This is helpful when the work requires strong and focused attention like programming or some work involving deep thinking. 

Cubicles will allow the employees to have a private time doing their work and no one will disturb them when they are quietly working. Think of the number of employees so you will get the exact number of cubicles to be created. 

You can create a mix of cubicles and open space so when people are not working on some serious stuff they can sit in the open space and work with relaxation and interact with others. 

Office layout 4: Horizontal side by side seating arrangement

office floor plan


If you have too many employees then a horizontal side by side seating arrangement will work well for you. You can have multiple rows for this. Have proper spacing between each employee’s desk so that they can work comfortably. 

You can have separate conference rooms for doing meetings. 

Office layout 5: Fun and Frolic Elements

office floor plan


Let your employees have fun and frolic along with the work. Add some elements that can make them relaxed and have enjoyed taking a break from their work. Add some massage chairs, pool table, table tennis, bean bags, and other creative and fun elements that you can add. 

What about some gym equipment, a treadmill, sounds great, right? If you have the budget!

Add some motivational posters on the walls and try to keep the environment full of fun and relaxation as it will eventually boost productivity. 

That’s it, we are done with the office floor plan ideas! Hope you enjoyed reading the post and got some clarity as to what you should have and whatnot. Gather all your requirements and create the best floor plan for your office such that everything is included and in the end, some free space also remains! 

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