Outdoor Kitchen Ideas- A Step Towards Your Dream Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas- A Step Towards Your Dream Kitchen

If you want to make the best use of backyard space by turning into a functional kitchen, then you have landed on the right post to find out how to build an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen has its own charm and beauty. Who doesn’t like to enjoy cooking under the open sky? To get the right kitchen, keep reading.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Setting up an Ideal Outdoor Kitchen:

Outdoor Kitchen Type

The most basic thing to keep in mind while planning for an outdoor kitchen is the type of kitchen you want to embrace. Decide whether you want a fully functional kitchen or a simple place to cook sometimes. From this clarity, you can decide the budget, amenity, and other essential things. 

Available Space

So, once you choose the outdoor kitchen ideas, you are ready to move to the next step by checking the available space. Many properties are smaller with fewer chances for an outdoor kitchen. There might be some properties where one has to walk too far to fire up the outdoor grill. So, based on your available space, make the best plan. One should also keep in mind that it should not be near children’s playing area and for more convenience make sure to build it near the kitchen entrance to carry out utensils and food easily. 

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The most prominent thing to think while planning a setting up the outdoor kitchen is the budget. If you think you are going over the decided budget then you can cut down certain expenses by reusing the old cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Even you can indulge in DIY to cut the cost or buy big boxes modular or benches with storage to serve the purpose of storage and seating. Even you can add beauty to the place by adding plants and DIY projects on the outdoor kitchen island.      

Size Matters

Size is an important factor that needs to keep in mind while planning the outdoor kitchen. If you have a small home then an oversized outdoor kitchen will make the home even smaller. Likewise, a small kitchen would be perfect for a small home. One of the practical solutions for the small home is to incorporate a countertop and grill to solve the problem of limited space. 

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To bring out the best of the outdoor kitchen always remember that the outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home, so there should be a sync between outdoor and indoor. So, try to bring the coordination between the two, otherwise, it will stick out the sore thumb of the hand. You can use the same type of flooring as used in the indoor kitchen to easily navigate between the two. Even if you are planning to build a kitchen not adjacent to the home, then you can create a paved pathway to balance the scale between the two. Weather also plays a vital role in deciding the layout of the outdoor kitchen.  


If you think that you got a plenty amount of lighting just because the kitchen is outside then what about the night? Generally, people prefer outdoor entertainment after dark, so lighting becomes essential. You can use ambient and ornamental light for the dining space while halogen light can be used for the grill. 

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

To build one of the best and functional outdoor kitchens for the never-ending parties then congratulations you have jumped into the right post. We will divide our outdoor kitchen mission into two parts i.e. Designing the kitchen and building your own cabinetry. Are you ready for it?

Designing the Kitchen 

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Hire Professional Services

If you wish to construct the base of the cabinetry can it is quite easy but if you wish to include refrigerator, sink and other features then you should hire professional help. They are the best people to help you with installing plumbing and electrical outlets. 

Find Out if You Need a Permit

Some areas need a permit for plumbing and gas line installation from the authorities. Even in certain areas, one needs permission to spend a certain amount of money on work. Your contractor or professional help can guide the jurisdiction’s building codes, but if you are working all alone, then contact the code enforcement department to save yourself from future worries. 

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Keep Kitchen near the Indoor Kitchen

It is best to set the outdoor kitchen near home instead of the middle of the ground or yard. It should feel that it is just an extended part of the home only. The far kitchen will be trouble to carry utensils from indoor to outdoor keeping weather conditions in mind. 

Choose Configuration 

Now the next step is choosing the right kind of configuration based on budget, available space, and other essential things. If you are not sure what looks best, read below to minimize your homework:

  • If budget is an issue then you can choose the simple line setup, where you can use the wall against the home. Here you can set up grills flecked with the bases of cabinetry and countertop. Make sure to leave a spot for a mini-refrigerator and sink for a perfect outdoor kitchen.
  • If you have a huge space then you can extend the peninsula on the order side to form U-shape. But remember that it adds extra cost for labor and material.
  • L-shaped is a beautiful but expensive setup. You can place a grill, cabinet against the wall of the home and to store extra things extend it to L shape. 

Choose Materials

Now the next thing is choosing the right kind of material and while buying it make sure it to be water-resistant like granite, brick veneer, etc. You can make the best use of available materials like cabinet base, stone facade and for rest check out your availability. Follow the step to the DIY base:

With the help of plywood construct a frame and cover the frame with the help of brick or stone veneer. After that install grill tray and before mortar and veneer, make sure to add frame it with wire lathe. 

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Select Appliances Before Building Cabinetry

To avoid any misfit, it is advisable to select appliances before building cabinetry. If you already have appliances then make sure to measure dimensions to fit them into space. 

Prefabricated Bases and Cabinets

If you wish to save time then you should go for prefabricated bases and cabinets as it is a more affordable option when compared to the custom-built. With the help of metal fastener and construction adhesive, connect the bases of cabinets. 

Building Your Own Cabinetry and Bases

Build Base Frame

With the help of a circular saw cut the plywood to the desired size. Make sure to measure the height of the base frame by measuring the height of the countertop. 

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Insulated Jacket

If you already have a grill then make sure to buy an insulated grill that fits well on the grill. Now to fit the grill jacket, you need to build a small plywood box. 


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Cover the Jacket

Now cover the box frame with the plywood panels. Cut the plywood to match the box dimensions. Apply the woodworking glue on the box frame in such a way that it should properly cover the frame. 

Builder’s Felt with a Staple Gun

Take the help of a staple gun to cover the plywood panel with the builder’s felt. Make sure to cover the plywood very strongly. 

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Nail Sheets of Wire Lath Over the Felt

Now cover the builder’s felt with the nail sheets. Lay nail sheet on the felt and hammer nails on it to secure the lath. 

Build Cabinet Boxes

Take the plywood board and cut down into the shape of the desired cabinet boxes. You can make boxes as per your requirements. Paste each side of the plywood with the woodworking glue and screw them tightly at each corner.

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Apply Mix Mortar

Now place the cabinet boxes in the way you want to arrange and once the arrangement is done apply mix mortar on it. Allow it to settle for at least an hour or more. 

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Score the Mortar

After an hour, with the help of trowel, score the surface of it

Install the Cabinet Box

Once the mortar is settled, install cabinet boxes and screw them to secure it on the base

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Hang the Cabinet Door

Take the measurement of the cabinet door and cut the ply accordingly. You can even use steel doors as they are more preferable for the outdoor weather. Once the plywood door is ready, screw the hinges onto flanges.

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Install the Sink

Place the sink at the base module and make sure to connect it with the drain and supply line.

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Install Countertop and Appliances

Now install the ordered countertop with the help of a screw. After that place appliances and grill in an appropriate position and you are ready to cook delicious meals now.

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We hope that with this post how to build an outdoor kitchen query is solved. With little effort and time, you can create ravishing space to enjoy quality time with family and friends. You can enjoy night parties and cooking, both at the same time. For all such DIY ideas, keep reading InnovativeDecorIdeas.