Pothos Varieties: 13+ Popular Different Types to Know

Pothos Varieties: 13+ Popular Different Types to Know

We all love nature. It is undeniably true that despite how critically advocative we are of city life, we all are swooned by the lush green fields of the countryside. So, while we can’t bring the fields and wilderness home, we could bring some components of it. And, what better way than to start with houseplants.

If you have just begun with the journey of keeping houseplants, it might be a little difficult to decide what to buy given such wide varieties available out there. But if you were to take advice from any greenhouse expert or a houseplant keeper, the most popular suggestion you can find is Pothos.

Pothos or botanically known as Epipremnum aureum is a popular species of vine. These low-maintenance, trailing vines have a high decorative value. There are many types of Pothos available although amongst these pothos varieties only one is natural. Rest all types of pothos are cultivars. 

Also popular by the name of devil’s ivy, ivy arum, or taro vine, these pothos varieties share a great characteristic similarity in terms of needs and care. Nevertheless, it’s highly beneficial to learn about distinct types of pothos before you en route on this journey of nurture and bliss!

Top 15 Checklist of Popular Pothos Plant Varieties

It requires a combination of little awareness and knowledge to identify and differentiate between pothos varieties. Up for a challenge to see if you can point out all the differences?

Get, Set, Go!

1. Golden Pothos

pothos varieties

Source: houseplantresourcecenter.com

The most commonly found and used pothos plant, Golden Pathos is a bright and beautiful variant of pathos plant with yellow-streaked, lime-colored leaves. This tropical vine is the only natural pothos plant and can be found as a ground cover or swirled around a tree in the wild. It is easy to grow and take care of. 

If the vine is provided with proper support to climb on, the pothos plant owing to its vigorous growth can develop into a huge leaved stunning plant. You can buy this pothos plant easily from any nursery or garden center.

This makes a wonderful choice for hanging baskets. Besides, the plant is highly credited for its air-purifying quality. It isn’t even that light intensive for growth. So even if your place is a bit dingy, lit it with the vibrance of your golden pathos.

2. Marble Queen Pothos

pothos varieties

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Characterized by its highly variegated leaves, this pothos plant is another preferred choice for houseplant lovers. The difference of this variant from other pothos varieties can be easily made by its strong cream splashes against green.

The growth rate of this marble queen pothos plant is also relatively slower which makes the due maintenance rather easier. However, good lighting is essential for the healthy growth of this pothos type. It need not be a direct sunlit area, but the location where you are placing it should receive ample light. This variety can be suitably used in both hanging pots as well as pots. It has a high ornamental value.

3. Snow Queen Pothos

pothos varieties

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If looking for a white and green variant in the pothos plant, you may come across two pothos varieties. Formerly discussed Marble Queen Pothos is one of those pothos varieties, while the other is the snow queen pothos. What’s the difference?

The difference between the two is in Snow queen pothos showcasing more uniform variegation on leaves in white. Lack of chlorophyll, the consequential white variegation influences its growth to happen at a slower rate. As a result of this, it won’t demand frequent pruning and can make a wonderful decor plant.

Expert Tip: For best results with this pothos plant ensure that you don’t overwater it or put it out there in direct sunlight.

4. Manjula Pothos

pothos varieties

Source: teakandterracotta.com

Amongst various pothos varieties that you would find, this is one of the most care-intensive and difficult-to-find pothos plants. The uniquely stunning factor of this pothos plant isn’t the wonderful color combo of green and cream but the texture and balance of it in the plant as a whole. Also, unlike other pothos varieties, their heart-shaped leaves curve at the edges with a bent feel.

It is very important to ensure that this pothos plant isn’t exposed to direct sunlight else it is susceptible to strong damage. Overall, it’s pricey given its rareness but an absolute beauty to adorn any interior space.

5. Harlequin Pothos

pothos varieties

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If your pathos plant looks like Manjula Pothos with extra splashes of whites, it isn’t a Manjula Pothos’ on a low chlorophyll budget, but another beautiful pathos variant called Harlequin Pothos. With its classic heart-shaped leaves and a bushier growth, it suits incredibly within hanging baskets and pots.

Maintaining a steady temperature around the plant might be helpful in its healthy growth. Nevertheless, like many types of pothos plants, it loves ample light but is sensitive to direct exposure.

6. Hawaiian Pothos

pothos varieties

Source: redd.it

If dark green and specks of yellow are a combination you are looking for in your pothos plant, Hawaiin Pothos will be our top recommendation. With huge leaves and a dramatic impact, Hawaiian Pothos is a highly sculptural type of pothos plant.

It requires pruning for a certain duration and you can have absolute control over how long you wish for its stems to be. You can choose to train its growth around any vertical post as well. From regular pot to hanging basket decor, this is again a highly appealing houseplant choice.

7. Neon Pothos

pothos varieties

Source: thespruce.com

Brightly colored leaves that have the vibrance of an everlasting entity, that is how we could describe Neon Pothos for you. They are an almost translucent bright green shade whose unique standing amidst pothos varieties owes to a sheer lustrous touch they entail.

This pothos plant’s care and needs are similar to others. It requires ample indirect light and enough watering. While the delight factor of this pothos variety is its monochromatic green transition and a uniquely achieved neon green shade, the pothos plant might not be able to achieve it if the plant receives direct sunlight. 

Did you know- Amongst the various pothos varieties, Neon Pothos is the only pothos plant with perfect heart-shaped leaves!

8. Glacier Pothos

pothos varieties

Source: greg.app

This pothos plant is a very slow growth-based variety with small heart-shaped leaves. Amongst the pothos varieties, this shares some great popularity as a frequently opted houseplant. If you are wondering how it got this name, it is because of his pothos plants variegated nature.

Glacier Pothos is a basic shade of green but the leaves have speckles of silver and grey. Unlike other pothos varieties, their broad leaves have a very distinct and defined texture of cream white and emerald green.

The biggest drive to its preferred choice as a houseplant is also contributed by Glacier Pothos’s adaptability to various lighting conditions and drought resistance. So, if your apartment isn’t that well lit or you fear forgetting to water your pothos plant, this might be an ideal choice.

The ideal setting of this pothos plant is cherished at eye level. The pothos variety with its bushy compact growth and impactful color is used as a statement piece. You could have it trail over any of your desks or hang it in a low-level basket to achieve its best look.

However, this pothos plant has quite an ornamental stance, and if you are looking for something that can be part of a background focus only you might reconsider buying this one because Glacier Pothos is the life of a party!

9. Pearls and Jade Pothos

pothos varieties

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Who wouldn’t be fascinated by a shade as beautiful as emerald green? And what more to beautify it other than glorious strokes of white! This pothos variety, also known as N’Joy, is a small leaf category amongst pothos types. Its slow growth and appealing aesthetics make it an ideal choice for your interior decor. 

With slow growth, your pothos plant becomes easier to maintain with this pothos varieties adaptability with both low and high brightness levels. However, it is to be ensured that it is not to be put in direct sunlight.

10. Satin Pothos

pothos varieties

Source: thespruce.com

Satin Pothos or Silver Pothos sure does take the name of this pothos family, yet this relation isn’t a botanical one but that of similar characteristics. Visually, it’s a dark green climber with a matte look. Unlike the different types of pothos plants, they shall bloom occasionally.

This plant can bring exotic vibes to your house. The white-grey hue patches over this leaf resemble the stroking of an artist over a canvas and are unimaginably appealing. It is a pothos plant to cherish for its ornamental and sculptural.

While the caring needs of this pothos plant is a generous ask of ample light and timely watering, it is foremost to note that the plant will die if the temperature dips any lower than 60°F.

11.Trebi Pothos

types of pothos

Source: shopify.com

Like Satin Pothos, this isn’t a true pothos genus but a similar characteristic variant. This vining beauty is featured with a dark shade of green and a silver/cream color. The appeal of leaf textures is like a beautiful marbling effect. The leaves of this plant show a sideways bending effect. 

This plant is a rare find. If you are a strong admirer of stunning leaf patterns, you must without any doubt buy this plant at any given opportunity. As far its ideal arrangement is considered, it can be pleasantly placed in both formal and informal settings.

Expert Tip: The best aesthetic exploration of these pothoses can be achieved against a monochromatic scheme. It’s a must-add a touch to elevate the design quotient of any Scandinavian-Nordic interior style.

12. Cebu Blue Pothos

types of pothos

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In the category of pathos varieties with shorter leaves, Cabu Blue Pathos is uniquely remarkable for its elongated heart-shaped leaves. You can find this plant as a variant of glossy, silvery-blue foliage only to be further complemented by a range of compelling vein patterns.

Caring for the plant includes a placement location with bright but indirect light and a relative environment of higher humidity. For any decor arrangement, this can be an excellent pick.

13. Jade Pothos

types of pothos

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Trailing vines, heart-shaped dark green leaves, and overall slight variation are what entails this pothos plant. You might have come across its popular common name of a Devil’s Ivy. As a houseplant, it can successfully grow to a height of three feet.

The choice of this variant is high with buyers who want to sculpture it as a vertical accent plant or prune it to cascade over a hanging basket. All-embracing, the plant has enchanting vibes to offer and should be your go-to choice if you are a beginner-level gardener.

14. Global Green Pothos

types of pothos

Source: imgur.com

Immensely growing in popularity, Global Green Pathos leaves are bright lime green colored with variegation. The color of a mature plant could be slightly darker given it receives sufficient bright sunlight. However, a Global Green Pathos will show great results in moderate lighting conditions as well.

Global Green Pathos has larger leaves with bent tips that give it a glorious flowy effect. It can be planted outdoors and you can nurture it in your interior spaces as well. It might be a gorgeous choice if you are forethinking or already have a Boho or Shabby Chic interior design style.

The general care instructions for Global Green Pathos include relatively higher humidity and temperature control, where a temperature drop below 60°F can be detrimental for the pathos plant.

15. Jessenia Pothos

types of pothos

Source: pinimg.com

If you are a pothos plant lover and are looking to add a new, rare collectible into your houseplant section, then here’s your perfect find- Jessenia Pothos. A relatively new cultivar, this highly attractive plant comes with emerald green leaves. Not only this, the leaves variegate with lemon-yellow hues and an intriguing marble effect.

The overall care is similar to generic pothos plant needs. So, intimate your closest nursery to save you a piece of this beauty and flaunt your design style to your guests!

Are You Ready for a Pothos Collection

Through this article, you must have realized that Pothos plants are easy vines to groom and nurture. They elevate the aesthetic of your living spaces and can bring great vitality and good energy with their lush green shades.

The plant is available in numerous varieties, each with stunning variegation. No matter how tied up you are or what your house lighting conditions are like, there is always a pothos variety to bring in as your houseplant.

So which pothos types are gonna make it to your center table?

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