7 Tricks to Prevent Mold in a Bathroom

7 Tricks to Prevent Mold in a Bathroom

We all are more alike than we think. Most of our problems are universal. We fight cleaning battles every day. Don’t we? While we don’t discuss it for the fear of sounding gross, each one of us faces more or less the same household difficulties every day. Mold is one of these. We rarely discuss mold growth and tricks to prevent mold in a bathroom.

Mold grows in places that hold moisture like windows, pipes, or around roof leaks. It is a menace as it possesses the ability to grow at any surface without any hassle. It can be found on walls, plastic, wood, paper, clothes, etc. 

In case you witness any signs of mold growth in your house, get professional mold removal treatment

To put things into perspective, mold thrives in warm and moist environments. For this reason, bathrooms are their perfect breeding grounds. They get a steady supply of moisture and warm water, they need nothing more. Essentially, molds are just waiting to grow in bathrooms unless you take proper preventive measures. 

So, if you want your bathroom mold-free, implement these basic habits: 

Have a Bathroom Fan? Switch it On

There is a reason why bathrooms are supposed to have fans. Whenever you come out of the shower, switch on the fan and let it run for at least 30 minutes. In case you do not have a fan in your bathroom, get one. 

Don’t be cheap. Install a new one and let it run for a bit. It will dry up any water that is left on the floor or on the surface. 

Open Windows for Proper Ventilation

Prevent Mold in a Bathroom

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Your bathroom must have a window. 

It does, right?   

Open it and let the fresh air and sunlight do their magic. To prevent mold growth, one of the key things to understand is that you have to control the humidity of the room. If there is proper ventilation, then you don’t have to worry about the growth of mold. 

Keep Shower Products on a Rack

Water can hide behind your shampoo bottles. If you let them sit on a surface, then chances are there is some water trapped underneath and around those bottles. 

To avoid this, get a soap dish or rack to keep your shower essentials. Essentially, you are not allowing water to sit on any surface for a long time. You must understand that no surface should remain wet for more than 24 hours. 

Let Privacy Take a Step Back

Prevent Mold in a Bathroom

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In case you have a shower curtain or a door otherwise, open it after every shower. 

Essentially, you are letting the airflow by opening the stall up. This way the air will keep circulating and the moisture levels will remain in check. 

I understand some aesthetic mongers do not like keeping the doors and curtains opened. In that case, close them after some time when you go in to switch off the fan. Simple, isn’t it? 

Use Dehumidifier

Are you rich? 

Then you must have one. Use it to control the humidity levels in your bathroom. Keep it below 50%. As we’ve already established, the key thing to do when preventing the growth of mold is to control humidity levels in the house. 

Dehumidifier precisely serves this purpose.

Dry Out All Wet Surfaces

Prevent Mold in a Bathroom

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If you want to prevent any mold growth, do not let the water sit on any surface for long durations. You need to inculcate a habit of wiping any standing water that you see. 

In bathrooms, you will always find standing water. To avoid this from happening, whenever you use the bathroom make sure you clean it when you leave. For instance, if you wash your hands, the water will spill a little on the counter. Make sure you dry it up before you leave. 

Clean Towels and Surfaces Regularly

You can never lose when it comes to hygiene. Follow basic bathroom hygiene and you do not have to worry about molds. 

For starters, wash towels frequently. Now, you may feel that you already do that but you still can sense mold growth in your washroom. In that case, you are just not washing it enough.

Microbiologists recommend people wash their towels two to three times a week. 

And not just that, wash shower curtains and bath mats regularly as well. This is basic bathroom hygiene that you must follow in order to prevent mold growth. 

Final Words

These are some essential practices that you must follow to prevent mold growth in a bathroom. Make sure you share them with the members of your household, otherwise they are of no use. While inculcating all these habits may seem a little overwhelming but understand that it is better to take precautions than spend huge money on the damage that a mold removal treatment may cost.