Know the Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters

Know the Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters Adelaide are gaining popularity across the globe, especially in Australia as they are the best when it comes to privacy, light control, ambiance, and appeal. They also enhance the overall value of the home and look fantastic and mind-blowing. All you need to do is to hire a good manufacturer or supplier of plantation shutters and order for the same. However, there are some questions that remain when it comes to plantation shutters. Are they good? Can you install them at any window of the home? Do they offer practical solutions when it comes to home remodeling? What are the pros and cons of plantation shutters? 

In this post, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of plantation shutters to throw some light on these questions. 

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

They Are Easy to Operate 

pros and cons of plantation shutters


The first and foremost benefit of plantation shutters is that they are easy to operate. When designed well and installed properly, they will be easy to operate. When you have motorized plantation shutters, all you need to do is to handle them with remote control. It is easy and effortless. Furthermore, you will also not find any technical or functional issues when they are installed by the experts. 

They Are Versatile 

In addition to that, when you buy plantation shutters, you are buying the most versatile window treatments. They can be the finest fit for any corner of the room.

Some window treatments such as curtains and drapes are not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, but it is not the case with plantation shutters. They can be installed anywhere in the home and they keep looking beautiful and marvelous. 

Provide Excellent Light Control

Furthermore, plantation shutters offer superior light control to any room. They are fixed with the window frames in a manner that they don’t allow light to enter the room. If you are looking for a complete blackout, you can go for blackout plantation shutters available in the market. If you want moderate light control, white or cream-colored plantation shutters are the best. 

Compliment Almost Any Decor

Irrespective of your home decor, you will find a pair of window plantation shutters in the market. For modern, rustic, traditional, or industrial home decor, you will find aluminum plantation shutters, PVC plantation shutters, wood plantation shutters to complement your home decor

Custom Color Options

Check out plantation shutters online and you will be amazed to know the color variety of these shutters. You can choose any color of your choice and you will get it. However, white and cream are the two most favorite colors when it comes to indoor plantation shutters. But there are no limits. You can choose as per your preferences and home decor. 

Can Be Motorized 

pros and cons of plantation shutters


When you go to buy plantation shutters, you will get two options- manual and motorized. Manual plantation shutters are good when you are not going to use shutters regularly. However, if you want a motorized control, you can go for motorized plantation shutters. They can be operated with a few clicks. It is easy, convenient, and highly comfortable. 

They Add Value to Your Home 

Ask any real estate agent and he will tell you how it is easy to sell homes with plantation shutters. As it is a permanent fixture in your home, plantation shutters increase the value of your home to a great extent. When you go to sell your home, you will get a good amount as plantation shutters are considered a value-added aspect of any home. 

What Are the Limitations of Plantation Shutters?

pros and cons of plantation shutters


Though they are versatile and can be installed in any corner of the room, plantation shutters are not complete blackouts. Hence, they might not work when summer light irritates you. To handle this issue, you might need to install a blackout blind with shutters. 

In addition to that, you also put efforts into the planning stage when you are opting for the best plantation shutters in Adelaide for open-plan spaces with large doors. You might need to think about the exact position of the shutter doors while you want to open the garden doors. 

In addition to that, ensure that the shutters don’t block daylight entering the room while fixing their position. Ask the professional as he will be the best person to choose the exact place for installing plantation shutters. 


As we can see clearly, there are various types of plantation shutters that have more advantages than limitations. They are versatile, beautiful, value-adding, and superior to other window treatments. All you need to do is to choose the right manufacturer who offers the best plantation shutters in your area. Ensure that the manufacturer has a team of professional shutter installers who can install them in your windows.