Find Everything Great About Shiplap Ceiling

Find Everything Great About Shiplap Ceiling

When you have a nice ceiling, your room looks complete and great. The ceiling is also known as the 5th wall, so it is important to consider decorating it. Planning renovation of your room and want to make it different, use a shiplap ceiling. Shiplap ceiling is easy to install and add class to the room. It is not only beautiful but also elevates your space. You can create a dramatic, eye-catching statement in your house especially in your main living areas.

You get a unique charred finish and there are also color variations available. The organic grains provide the essence of old wood. It will make your home look so stunning without any hassle. The square edge also known as butt-joint allows the boards to overlap.

The overlapping creates the perfect gap between shiplap ceiling panels. Here, you will get to find everything about shiplap ceilings. Continue reading and know about shiplap ceiling designs, shiplap ceiling ideas, and installing shiplap ceilings.

What Is Shiplap?

Shiplap Ceiling


Before knowing about this ceiling, you should know what shiplap is. Shiplap is nothing but simple wood paneling. It is made of long and horizontal panels which have some gap between the boards. Not long before, in some areas, it was also used in the construction of homes. But now people use drywalls. It is popular in areas that have harsh climates. This is because shiplap works well at protecting against the weather.

Joanna Gaines is the one who made it super popular in the show Fixer Upper. It was exciting when she was able to find some original shiplap under wallpaper or drywall. Now, shiplap gives a quintessential modern Farmhouse look. There’s a lot of ideas out there for how you can replicate the look even on a budget. You should use real shiplap because it is easy to set up.

How Does Shiplap Work?

Shiplap Ceiling


In shiplap ceiling panels, you will see square edges which are known as butt joints. So, when multiple boards are driven together, with the help of butt joints they overlap easily. This overlapping creates a small gap between each board.

Because of these gaps, you see a pattern of lines on your ceiling. When you cover your whole ceiling by installing a shiplap ceiling, the line pattern is eye-catching. The looking-up view at a shiplap ceiling is warm. You will be able to see how the butt edge on the shiplap ceiling panels works together to create a gap effortlessly.

Shiplap Ceiling Ideas

You can use shiplap ceiling designs in any room of your home. Here are some of the best shiplap ceiling ideas that will make your room look cozy and warm:

Farmhouse Kitchen Shiplap Ceiling

Shiplap Ceiling


A farmhouse-style kitchen is a dream kitchen for everyone, and you can’t deny that. Especially, if the kitchen uses this ceiling, it will bring your whole look together. You can use white on a shiplap ceiling because it plays well with natural light and wood. 

You can use a black and white color theme in your kitchen with the white ceiling panels. Hang one or two black hanging lamps above the dining area and see the look it will create.

A Dramatic Consistency with a Wall Continuation Shiplap Ceiling

Shiplap Ceiling


If you want to have an extraordinary kitchen space, this is one of the best shiplap ceiling ideas. With the help of this shiplap ceiling design, you will be able to make a dramatic statement. All you need to do is to make your walls and ceiling match.

Don’t give up after doing a shiplap ceiling. You should bring the same style of shiplap down onto your wall a bit. By doing it, you will gain an incredibly unique look. Also, the kitchen space will get a bold show-stopping effect.

Use black ceiling panels and use white color for the rest of your kitchen. Add wooden furniture that has white clothing and make sure to use a simple wooden table for dining purposes. You can further add white hanging lamps on the black ceiling to make it look better.

Add Small Beams

shiplap ceiling panels


When you like to keep things simple but want to have an extraordinary look, this is one of the best shiplap ceiling designs. All you must do is add small triangular beams on your DIY shiplap ceiling. It will turn your boring white room into a cozy and warm room. This idea will be perfect if you have a room in the attic.

A Wood-Grain Style Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceiling panels


A Wood-Grain Style is eye-catching when you use it in your corridors. It looks so stunning and adds character to the space. You just need to be thoughtful about your design. If you also have shiplap on the walls, you should consider doing the ceiling in a natural wood grain style. A natural wood grain style complements the shiplap that is on your walls. This will bring a warm vibe to the space.

Why Should You Use  Shiplap Ceilings?

Here are some of the benefits of using shiplap ceilings in your house:

It’s Easy to Install: 

shiplap ceiling panels


Installing a shiplap ceiling is easy. Throughout the process, the main tools you will need are a drill and a saw. All your hard work will be done by the Easy Up clips. You can also choose to use a pneumatic nail gun to nail every board into place if you will choose traditional shiplap material. 

It’s Already Painted: 

shiplap ceiling designs


Painting your walls all by yourself is a hectic job, but it is good that shiplap comes pre-painted.  It saves you from paint falling on your face and from hurting your arm by holding things up. Furthermore, installing this ceiling is labor-saving because once you set it up, your work is done.

It Is Not Messy: 

shiplap ceiling designs


If you can’t afford to have your room or office out of commission even for a few days, therefore shiplap is perfect for you. You will be able to work around it while installation and will also be saved from moving stuff in and out of the room. It will produce only a small amount of chalk dust and sawdust during cutting. 

It Fixes Uneven Ceilings: 

shiplap ceiling designs


Once the installation of the shiplap ceiling is done, the ceiling looks perfectly even. Also, it levels your ceiling no matter how uneven it was before. Moreover, unlike traditional drop ceilings, it will not lower your ceiling that much. Your ceiling will end up being about only an inch lower.

Installing Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceiling ideas


Wondering how to DIY a shiplap ceiling, here is all you need to know for the installation of this ceiling. But first, you need to know what supplies you need. Here is a list of supplies:

  • UFP-Edge Charred Wood Ash Gray 1”x6”x8’ shiplap
  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk Line
  • Chop Saw
  • Table Saw, to Cut Rip Boards
  • Nail Gun or Nails
  • Loctite Construction Adhesive or Glue
  • Level
  • Jig Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Speed Square, to Check Angles and Mark Boards For Cuts
  • Scaffolding or Ladder
  • Stain

Step-By-Step Instruction for Shiplap Tray Ceiling

shiplap ceiling ideas


Here is the stepwise instruction for you if you want a DIY shiplap ceiling:


First, you need to start by laying out the ceiling and start measuring accordingly. Remember to leave a 1/8 space for board expansion. The trimming will ultimately cover your space. Take a chop saw and start cutting each board to the lengths of your desire.

There may be a need to rip the first board down. This is because to ensure that you won’t have a sliver as the last piece. Use a rip-cut method for cutting. In woodworking, it is a type of cut that will divide a piece of wood parallel to the grain.


Make sure the framing is properly done with the help of nailers.

Glue or Nails: 

Use an adhesive like Loctite also known as liquid nails. It will help you to keep your boards from twisting or popping. Furthermore, it will help to ensure that your shiplap ceiling panels have a secure bond. After that, you can finish it with brad or 2” finishing nails.

Mark Around Ceiling Fixture: 

When you start installing a shiplap ceiling, you will come across light or other ceiling fixtures. At that instant, hold the board to the area and start marking accordingly. Now, create a hole with the help of a jigsaw according to the marks.


You can easily apply stains to the raw edges at the joints. It is important to use paint when you don’t see the contrast.

Final Board: 

You should remember that there is a need to cut the last rip board for a good fit. Also, you should double-check that you are staying straight. You also need to be careful while measuring it from the row of shiplap to the wall.

The whole process will take two days which is not that bad. These ceiling designs are easy to install, and your work is done in just two days.


You can easily buy the shiplap ceiling panels at any of your local home improvement stores. Installing a shiplap ceiling is a beautiful addition to any home. It brings a unique texture and character if you know how to mix it with modern design. Installation is quick, simple, and it goes easy on the pocket. 

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