Shower Standing Handle: Things to Know Before Buying

Shower Standing Handle: Things to Know Before Buying

Can you recall any such instance when grooving to some catchy music, you were about to step out of your shower and whoops-a-daisy! You just survived a foot slip accident! Now, cursing your slipper brand will not help you either is turning a blind eye to the recurrence possibility of any such scaring moment. So the question arises, what can one do?

In simplest information -Install a shower standing handle, ensure the installation of non-skid tiles, roll out anti-slip mats, and many more solutions carefully researched and developed by designers just to encounter a mishap and increase your bathroom use experience. But before we plunge into figuring out the best solution, you need to be aware of why you need accessories like shower standing handles and anti-slip mats, so that your decision is a well-informed one.

A study report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2008 surveyed the frequency of non-fatal bathroom injuries. The report reflected that at least 80% of the cases were due to falls in bathrooms, especially around showers and tubs. The report suggested an age group involvement of anywhere above 15 years with a higher victim percentage in the older age group. This prompts us to two vital questions:

Why Was the Shower Area Considered as the Red Zone of Bathroom Accidents?

Every bathroom is designed with a basic planning scheme of two areas- a dry area and a wet area. The dry area includes our washbasin and water closets while the wet area is that of a shower. The overall gradient of the bathroom floor is created to quickly drain off any surface water. However, in the shower area, the run-off is dripped with hygiene products like soap and shampoo which makes the floor slippery and highly prone to accidents.

How to Reduce the Risk of Falls Around Showers?

There are many options like anti-slip mats, treads, and formulas, however, in terms of time-tested and economic options, the best solution is the installation of a shower standing handle. Not only are shower standing handles easily available, easy to install, and highly effective but their usability is true for specially-abled people as well.

Things To Know Before Buying Your Shower Standing Handles

Shower standing handles are installations that are used for a supportive grip and help with a more stable and safe transition from seated to a standing position while showering. Whether you have an existing bathroom or are remodeling it, the installation of these shower standing handles can be done easily. While visiting the market you might get to know them by the terminology of grab bars as well. However, since this accessory is concerning your safety, read through this article for some key takeaways. Let’s see bath handles.

Knowing The Right Type Of Shower Standing Handle For You

Primarily, the grab bars/ shower standing handles are available in two typologies:

Fixed: This category of fixed shower standing handles is descriptive of the nature of the installation. Here, the rail will be permanently attached to a certain wall spot for use. The advantage of such installation is in terms of strength reassurance. However, the tricky part especially with a DIY installation is in choosing the right spot. This is because once fixed it can’t be relocated or else the correlating wall will face damage that might not be pleasantly repaired.

Removable shower handle: This shower handles installation works on the suction principle. The working principle of the same thereby brings an advantage of portability. However, while it works efficiently in most cases, there is always an underlying fear of it not being able to support someone, especially heavier ones, when full body weight is exerted with a belief of being supported while standing shower. 

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FYI: The grab bar is manufactured off heavy-duty 18-gauge brushed satin stainless steel

Are You Too Heavy For A Shower Standing Handle?

As soon as we put on an extra pound, we hesitate leaning on anything we don’t find strong enough to bear our weight. With fixed shower standing handles you don’t have to worry about this.

A grab bar is designed to behold the capability of supporting weight anywhere till 250 pounds. However, what ensures this load distribution is in choosing the right size of installation.

FYI: There are varieties of Shower Standing Handles that are designed to support 500 Lbs!

What Size Of Shower Standing Handle Should You Choose

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These grab bars are available in a size range varying from 9 inches ( 230 mm) to 42 inches (1068mm). Ideally, the grab bar that is positioned with the specific purpose of getting in and out of the shower area is suggested to be at least 24 inches (610mm) long. For a grab bar that isn’t specifically opted as a balancing aid, the minimum size advisable is 12 inches (300mm).

What Is an Ideal Height for Your Shower Standing Handle?

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The height for your grab bar is respondent to what your showering unit is. For a cubicle, your reach shall be considered from a standing position while for bathtubs it shall be lower. Generally, from the installation perspective of a horizontal shower standing handle, 33-36 inches ( 838-914 mm) is a suggested height guideline.

Yet, important is to consider the personal anthropometrics of the end-user. Largely to counter such a case these grab bars are installed at an angle so that the reaching height becomes flexible with all users.

Horizontal Vs Vertical Bars

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There is some user-experience contemplation as to when you should prefer which orientation of the installed grab bar. If your showering mode involves a standing position, your body weight will receive a better supportive stance with a horizontal grab bar installed at your belly button height.

Correspondingly, if your showering mode involves a seated positioning, reaching out to a vertical grab bar might be more reliant. The same involves the easy handling of faucets. The end goal of the bar is to assist you in your balancing and in doing so not exert any undesired strain on your muscle.

FYI: Bar diameter will be 1¼-to-1½ inches in width. The ergonomics behind narrower diameter is about an easy reach and hold of the bar by children with relatively smaller hands recommended for home use.

A Checklist to Your Correct Shower Standing Handle Location

As expressed through the article, unlike standardized height regulations of sanitary fixtures, a grab bar is highly personalizable to your requirements. Yet for guidance, there are some referential measurements that you can consider to measure the aptness of your positioning decision.

Tub combined with a showerhead- In such a case two rails on the back and control wall each placed 8-10 inches ( 200-250 mm) from the tub’s rim should be the optimal choice.

Showerhead: For showerheads or precisely a walk-in shower arrangement, installation of a Shower Standing Handle would be resourceful on the side and back wall.

Tubs: While many tub installations are being sold with their grab bar installations, many models require it post-installation.While the style of the tub and comfort of the user is strong determinant, attaching grab bars on either side of the tub rim would be a better option.

Quick DIY Installation Guide

Grab bars are mounted not to the drywall but the wall studs. While their installation requires only some basic carpentry skills, you must comply with the guidelines as specified in the guidebook of the product. Generally, the process involves:

  1. Tracking down the studs in the wall. This step requires greater accuracy to avoid any shabby or unnecessary damage to wall surfaces.
  2. Earmarking the section that needs to be drilled over.
  3. Predrilling of holes in the stud markings where the handle is to be mounted.
  4. Attaching a secure mount or any other mount kind. The necessary flanges and screws will be available with the grab bar only.
  5. Securing it and testing the grip.

Will a Grab Bar Give Death Blow to Your Bathroom Decor?

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If you are worried about shower standing handles sticking out as an eyesore to your well-accented bathroom design, worry not! Designers today are well aware of consumer demands and have sourced a variety of fine finishes that could match your interior styles. Amongst the list of evergrowing varieties, the five most popular ones you can look for include:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Antique Bronze
  3. Polished Brass
  4. Brushed Chrome
  5. Bisque Finish

Where to Look in the Market

Entering a shop with no brand awareness can be an awkward and confusing situation especially when the salesperson is willing to sell every brand to you as a market bestseller. In such situations, opting for a local brand might be economically more viable, but choosing a global brand would be better given their assured product quality.

For shower standing handles, you can check out some stunning collections from Kohler, Croma, Moen, Delta, and Jaquar.

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Up for Some Grab?

Essential learning from this article has been about safety concerns given the commonality of bathroom shower injuries due to falls. Amidst a list of solutions, this article elaborated on the shower standing handle as a viable solution to lean on for adequate support in transitioning from wet to dry areas of the bathroom. By and large, shower standing handles have also transitioned trendily into the residential market and many global brands are offering a chic and classy collection of grab bars.

So, don’t hang around waiting for anything upsetting to prompt you into buying your grab bars. Secure your bathrooms and future now a shower standing handle at a store nearest to you! 

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