7 Signs Your Pipes Are Leaking

7 Signs Your Pipes Are Leaking

According to research conducted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), up to 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted annually due to leaking pipes.

And approximately 10% of homeowners make up the bulk of this heavy waste at more than 90 gallons per day.

The majority of these leaks are subtle and go unnoticed until severe damage has occurred to those homes.

Leaks are prevalent in plumbing systems. They can be exasperating since most plumbing works are hidden behind walls and out of sight.

This makes it practically impossible to notice when a pipe starts leaking, and water begins to trickle out of fissures or cracks in the pipes.

But do you know you could actually catch the problem, stop it in its tracks, and deal with it before you have to replace the entire plumbing system?

There are several telltale signs that you should watch out for and which can reveal that your water lines could be leaking. 

When this happens, the best thing to do is contact a professional plumber Newcastle to diagnose and fix repairs to be safe.

This is important because the longer your water line leaks, the more likely it is for severe damage to occur through the entire plumbing system.

In the next section, you will discover the seven signs to watch out for that could indicate a leaking pipe.

1. When Your Water Bills Skyrocket All of a Sudden

Signs of Leaking Pipe

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Those who have lawns or swimming pools know that water bills go up during the summer. But if you get an unusually high water bill that you cannot explain away, it could be that something is wrong with your main water line.

But if the leak is substantial, you will notice the corresponding change in your water pressure. You can confirm this by getting a pro to look over your main water lines for you.

Some water companies provide monthly comparisons that help their clients to identify problems. You can use your water bills to spot potential leaking pipes.

2. When Your Water Pressure Becomes Low

If you discover that you cannot get your normal water pressure, there is probably a leak somewhere. You will not notice this change in pressure if the leak is small.

But if the leak is substantial, you will notice the corresponding change in your water pressure. You can confirm this by getting a pro to look over your water lines for you.

3. When Your Water Becomes Discoloured

Signs of Leaking Pipe

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Water can become discoloured when water lines break. This is because dirt, as well as other contaminants, have access to the water source.

And if you ingest contaminated water, it could cause illness. It may also cause skin irritation if you bathe with it.

4. When the Rooms Smell Musty

In most cases, you can smell it even before you see it. Mildew and moulds may be right inside your vents, walls or under the floor.

It is abnormal for rooms to smell musty. If they do, a leaky pipe may be responsible for it. This is because when water sits in one place – under a leaking pipe – it stagnates. And you already know that stagnant water produces displeasing odours.

5. When You Notice Stained and Damaged Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Signs of Leaking Pipe

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You will not notice these unless you are a very observant person. Most people think nothing of watermarks appearing on a wall or the spot that mars the ceiling’s pristine whiteness.

Floorboards may suddenly become extra creaky when you step on them. But when you notice these stains, no matter how small they are, it suggests that something undesirable is going on beneath the surface.

And if you do not find out what it is and the leaking pipe remains unfixed, considerable damage may occur.

The floorboard could eventually give and fall through unless you fix that pipe.

6. When You See Cracks in the Walls

Signs of Leaking Pipe

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Small water leaks can be destructive if left unattended. If your home’s foundation is continuously exposed to water, it starts eating away at its structure.

This is almost impossible to notice and can be very frustrating because you will not even know what is going on until it is almost too late.

You will only notice when your home’s foundation goes out of alignment. This will cause wall structures to buckle, shift or collapse.

If unexplainable cracks appear in sections of your walls – whether diagonal or vertical ones – a pipe may be leaking somewhere, especially in your foundation. This is the time to invite a plumber to check things out for you.

7. When You Hear Bubbling, Hissing, and Whistling Sounds

Bubbling, hissing, and whistling sounds from pipes is a telltale sign of a disrupted water line.

At times, you cannot always see signs revealing that a water pipe has busted. These noises are not regular in pipes that work well. If they occur too often, your pipe is compromised, and you need to call a plumber.

sings of leaking of pipes

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If you notice any of the signs shared here, you need to get in touch with a plumber. Unattended water leaks will have you spending way more than an incredibly high water bill.

No leak is too small to be attended to. Even slow leaks can cost you a lot by causing significant damage to your home. Do not take chances; as soon as you notice these signs, call your plumber right away.

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