9 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Work Within Your Budget

9 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Work Within Your Budget

Doing a small bathroom renovation requires extensive thinking and careful planning with ideas as you need to accommodate all the amenities in the available space. Sometimes, you may feel helpless looking at the tiny place in your bathroom. You may also think that you do not have the luxury to freely roam around your bathing space.  

While that is true, you can make the place look bigger and spacious by following some simple tricks and tips. And you know what’s the intriguing part? You can do all these modifications within your set budget.

So, let’s dive in and find out the ways you can renovate your small bathroom in a fun and creative way

Always Prefer Minimalistic Designs

minimalist design

source: home-designing.com

Don’t go extravaganza on your small bathroom designs. As space is already less, keep the design and décor items simple but elegant. Choosing bold or dominating fixtures will only cram up the place and makes it look even smaller. 

So, prefer simple designs when you are choosing tiles, vanities, mirror designs, and other fixtures in your bathroom. They not only look elegant but also are available within your budget.

Use Floor Space Effectively

small bathroom storage ideas

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How effectively do you use the space under the sink or bathroom vanity? You can make use of that space as a storage system to store the linens like towels, napkins, tissues, etc. For instance, you can keep a basket and put all the linens. They are in a handy place and you can access them whenever you want.

This minimalistic design in your bathroom not only makes a statement and but gives you an efficient solution for storage. What’s more interesting is that it’s a budget-friendly solution as you can avoid building cabinets for storage purposes.

Choose a Perfect Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper

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Do you want to paint or paste wallpaper in your bathroom? Both are great options, especially if you don’t like tiled walls. However, you must make a careful choice.

While choosing paint or wallpaper, choose light colors contrasting with slightly-darker texture. This will not make your bathroom feel even smaller and also elevates the lighting during night times. As light colors reflect most of the light, you will feel spacious once you enter into space.

Keep Things at The Right Places

 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

source: bubblesbathrooms.com.au

Plan carefully where you are placing the amenities and vanities. If you have a square-shaped bathroom, make use of the symmetrical edges and place the fixtures along the lines. If it’s rectangular, place the furniture on the longer edges and bathtub on the smaller line. If you have an irregularly shaped bathroom, place larger items on one side and small vanities in the corner places. 

All these ideas don’t congest your space and you can do this renovation without making large changes in your budget.

Colour and Shapes of Tiles Matter a Lot

 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

source: westsidetile.com

As discussed earlier, lighter shades do the trick in making your small bathroom feel bigger. But do you know even the shapes contribute to it? It’s true.

For example, if you choose hexagonal-shaped bathroom tiles and place them on the wall near your sink, it can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. If you are not sure what shapes to pick, you can depend on professional advice to give you valuable suggestions.

Mirrors Everywhere!

 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

source: freshome.com

Mirrors are a perfect way to create a feeling of a big bathroom. Place a large mirror above your bathroom vanity and see how it changes the entire look. 

And the fun part is you can place them in different styles. For instance, you can place a square mirror above a circle vanity. You can add layers to your mirror by placing a framed mirror above an existing mirror. You can also select a large painting and place a mirror in the middle of it. This will allow increasing aesthetics as well as functionality. 

Place Shelves at The Right Spots

storage above the bathtub

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The main problem in the small bathroom is to find a space for building shelves or cabinets. Though cabinets are out of question (you don’t want them to project above your head at an odd angle), you can create shelves at the right spot.

For instance, use the empty space above the bathtub area or create a corner shelf to place all the daily items like soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries.

Go Monochromatic!

 monochrome design

source: homeboxy.info

By far, this is the best idea for small bathroom renovation ideas when you are on a budget. You can create a spectacular contrast of greys and whites by carefully selecting the vanities, fixtures in such colors. You can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom as this contrast plays a huge role in capturing as much light as possible.

Place a Colorful Shower Curtain

 shower curtains

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If you have a separate shower place in your bathroom, hang a shower curtain as the divider. Don’t choose any plain or light shades but go bright colorful patterns for the shower curtain. 

As you will have two separate spaces in the bathroom, you can have a feel of a large bathroom. And moreover, placing a shower curtain will not crunch your budget at all.

Final Thoughts

So, next time when you look at a small bathroom, don’t feel down. Instead, implement the ideas mentioned above, which are not only within your budget but also the top eco-friendly ways of bathroom renovations. They help in increasing both functionality and aesthetics of the area where you can relax after a long tiring day. Whether you are renovating or renting a house, if the bathroom area is less, it’s in your hands how you can modify the space to your liking. Make some adjustments and use the empty space wisely. And that’s it! You will have a bathroom that you can enjoy and relax.

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