12 Inspiring Small Home Office Decor Ideas

12 Inspiring Small Home Office Decor Ideas

A home office is a workplace inside the house where you can work comfortably for long hours. People who work from home, it may get tedious and annoying to work on a laptop or computer for a pro-tactic period. The place should be comfortable, and it should inspire you to work more. It could be a small area in your living room or a separate room for work.

Here are some small home office decor ideas that you can implement or modify to your work area: 

A Modern Touch:

Adding a large table in your space makes you work more efficiently. You can choose a different shape and size of a desk. It can be either an L-shaped table in the corner or a circular table in the center of the room. Many people can sit around it and work together. You could hold meetings, assignment works, conferences.

circular table

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Antique Art Pieces: 

You can also add some classic and old pieces like vintage artifacts, lamps. A painting can work as an art piece for your space. A soft and cozy rug will make your feet feel warm and light. There are so many different options like a wool rug, pattern shaped carpet, jute rug, etc. you can choose any of them and place under your desk.

Art Pieces

Source: realsimple.com


If your house is small and there is no separate place for you to work. Then, fold away, furniture is best for you. This furniture can serve many purposes like you can use them for work, sleep, eating area. This foldable furniture is easy to install and also low on budget.

fold away furniture

Source: googlecom.info

Outdoor :

If you want to work in free and open space, then you should make your office outdoor. You can make use of your balcony area or your house rooftop and convert them into a beautiful office area. You can have a good view and natural air to keep you fresh and energetic.

outdoor office area

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The basement could be a great idea if you are running a business from your home. It will work as a warehouse, where you can store your orders. You can quickly transform your basement into a beautiful work area. Here you can do your work for long hours without getting disturbed from outside noises.

basement office

Source: youthsparkchallenge.com

Divide the space:

You can use a room partition to your Living room. There are many types of room dividers you can use as a glass wall, see-through wooden panels, roll-up screens. You can also add a slider door to your existing living room. They provide you enough privacy and make the space multi-functional.

partition to your Living room

Source: decoist.com

Colorful Theme:

By adding some fun wall colors, you can change the look of your home office design. It will instantly transform your room. You can make different types of patterns and shape by wall colors, or you can use wall stickers or wallpapers to enhance your space.

Colorful Theme

Source: elledecor.com

Add Green:

Indoor plants make any space tranquil and open. They help you to remain refresh and stress-free while you were doing your work. They purify the air and maintain and increase your productivity. You can choose between either real plants or artificial plants that are easy to maintain.

small plants

Source: stevensplantcare.com

Cozy cushions:

An uncomfortable chair makes you feel tired, and you are unable to do work, so, add an ergonomic office chair. This chair improves your posture and aids back pain. But If you like to work while sitting on the floor then add some soft and fluffy seat cushions. You can also add a lap table to work.

Cozy cushions

Source: jkrmadarsa.info

Brighten Up Space:

Good lighting increases your productivity. Add more lights to your workspace makes the room bigger and brighter. You can move your desk near to the window which gives you fresh air and natural light. If you don’t have any source of natural lighting in your home, then you can use artificial lighting. You can add one big center light above your desk. You can also use some floor lamps and ceiling light or wall lights. 


Source: designlike.com

Inspiration Board:

An inspiration board is perfect for a workspace. It can either be a pinboard or a white/blackboard. You can use it for writing your daily tasks, your goals, and it will also work as wall art or decor. You can put it on the wall above your desk. It keeps you update and helps you to improve your work skills.

Inspiration Board

Source: magnatag.com

Storage Units:

If you like to keep your place clean and clutter-free then add some storage units under your desk.you can add some cabinets or file holder. In these, you can keep your important papers, documents. It keeps your things safe, and they are convenient and accessible. These storage units will help you to be more organized. It also takes less space, and they are easily available. 

Storage Units

Source: idfdesign.com

Working from home can be hectic, but when space encourages you, you can create incredible things. A little modification in your small home office workplace makes your work exciting and delightful. It inspires you to work more efficiently, so you will give your best. All these changes are budget-friendly and space-efficient. You can do these things to transform your space entirely or just in a tiny corner.

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