Should You Be Installing Smoke Detectors in a Kitchen?

Should You Be Installing Smoke Detectors in a Kitchen?

The unsung heroes of every household are smoke detectors. They’re there but we usually don’t notice them, only until the low battery beeping starts to get to us. But we’re also do not care about how many are installed around the premises or if they are placed in the correct places. These things matter – having multiple smoke detectors around can help in quickly detecting fire or smoke, or even carbon monoxide leaks. Often times we don’t install many smoke detectors on purpose because of false alarms. We all know how tedious of a task it is to shut off a false alarm. There is one solution to that though, investing in smart smoke detectors in a Kitchen. 

The Google Nest Protect is one of the best smoke detectors a smart smoke detector that can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires and even gas leaks including carbon monoxide leaks. When you have the nest smoke detector wired variant, any false alarm triggered can easily be shut just by using your mobile phone. 

That is because the Nest Protect, like all other smart devices, is accessible and can be controlled from its mobile app. There is a lot more to smart smoke detectors. Not only are they controllable through smartphones, but they also send real-time alerts to your phones whenever a potential risk is detected. And of course, if it is a false alarm you can turn it off with your phone. Easy.

Smoke Detectors in Your Kitchen

Smoke Detectors in a Kitchen


There is a question of whether to place smoke detectors in kitchens or not. Not all kitchens are made the same way, apartments have smaller or open kitchens compared to those in houses, so false alarms can easily be triggered. That is why many people simply avoid placing them in the kitchen or do so right outside the door; which is pointless. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), smoke detectors and smoke alarms should be placed at least 10 feet from any cooking appliance, like stoves and ovens, so as to reduce the chances of false alarms. Smoke detectors should always be placed on ceilings or high up on walls, not more than 10 to 12 inches from the ceiling because smoke basically rises.

So that answers the question of where you can place a smoke detector in your kitchen. Just not near windows, doors or anywhere there can be a draft. 

How to Install a Smoke Detector 

Smoke Detectors in a Kitchen


Installing a smoke detector is pretty easy; whether it is an ordinary one or a smart one, wired or battery operated. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how you can install a smoke detector by yourself. 

  1. For wired smoke detectors, you will first have to switch off the power supply to the outlet where you plan to install the smoke detector. 
  2. Once the power supply is off you can remove your old smoke detector with the instructions given; twist it clockwise/anti-clockwise as suggested, and gently pull it out of its mounting plate. 
  3. Remove the old mounting plate to install your new one.
  4. Mark the spaces where the new mounting plate will have to be screwed in and fix the new plate in. 
  5. Pull the wiring out from between the opening to connect the new smoke detector.
  6. Once the wiring is connected all you have to do is fix it into the mounting plate.
  7. When the power to your outlet is switched back on your smoke detector is ready to use!

A few extra details to watch out for when it comes to installing smoke detectors. 

  • Batteries will have to be placed in the smoke detector before fixing it into the mounting plate. And that goes for wired smoke detectors too.
  • For battery-operated smoke detectors, you do not necessarily need to place them in a wired outlet. Anywhere on the ceiling or high up on the wall will do. 
  • After switching the power back on to the outlet where a Smart Smoke Detector is placed; all you have to do is go onto its mobile app to configure the device, and it’s ready to work.

So to answer the burning question of whether to install smoke detectors in your kitchens, the answer is yes. Fires mostly tend to start in the kitchen majority of the time, and not having a smoke detector can be very dangerous so you need to save your house from fire, you need to install a smoke detector.

Follow the NFPA guidelines on where to place a smoke detector in your kitchen; regardless of how big or small it is; because if there is anywhere you should be installing smoke detectors, it is in sleeping areas and kitchens for sure. It is also, however, recommended that smoke detectors be placed at every level if the premises is more than one story and in basements as well as stairways. 

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