20 Best Spring Decor Trends for 2021

20 Best Spring Decor Trends for 2021

The Spring season is very special. There is just something about the blooming and re-birth of the earth that brings faith and cheer to the season, not to mention our gardens. As the weather warms and the days grow brighter, most people turn their attention to decorating their yards or gardens. However, as any design-lover knows, this is also the accurate time to open the windows, clean out the clutter and give your indoor spaces a makeover as spring decor trends 2021. 

There’s no better time to revamp up your home than the spring season. From vivid flowers to a charming color palette, the spring season offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity. Spring decor trends need not be complex nor overly done. 

Lookout These Spring Decor Trends In 2021

Spring decor trends 2021 is all about fresh color accents, lightroom colors, and bright color schemes. Decoration ideas for spring reflect the renewal of nature and transformation of our home interiors creating more light, air, cool, and colorful living spaces. Bright color accents are ideal for spring decoration and offer exceptional thought for vivid summer decor.

That utmost freshness that envelops the surroundings during spring is worth bringing a little dose of the grace indoors as well. After all, what can make things more impressive than immersing it in the spirit of the season, especially when it’s all about colors, flowers, and great fragrances. 

Getting rid of clutter and heavy curtains, bringing floral designs and natural light color into the color palette are perfect spring decor trends that will look great in summer homes. Cleansing areas and refreshing room shades work well for spring decoration, improving the ambiance in home interiors and creating more spacious and radiant rooms.

Light neutral colors and bright accents can change the background in no time. While saving your money on new decor, bright room colors and colorful decorating ideas, coupled with spring decoration themes remodel living spaces into interesting, fresh, comfortable, and modern rooms.

Using natural light fabrics, natural colors, and soft pastels, spring and summer-themed decor and decoration patterns bring an airy atmosphere into homes and connect interior decorating with nature.

Refresh up your home decor with these top 20 spring decor trends for 2021. Embrace the spring season and find spring decor trends to inspire your next home decorating project.

1. Throwdown a Bright Rug

spring decor trends 2021

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Like bushy green grass and spring flowers outside, the turn-in spring seasons call for something bright underfoot. Grounding the space with a vibrant rug creates a base on which to layer the colors of the season and accessorize with unexpected pops of color and light-reflecting spring decor.

2. Reframe Your Art As A Spring Decor Trends For 2021

spring decor trends 2021

Source: mosaicslab.com

If your art compilation doesn’t thrill you as it already did, revive your pieces without letting them go. Display them using all gold, silver, pink, purple, or subtle yet royal colored frames, for an update that can instantly change the mood of the room.

3. Try Statement Trends

spring decor trends 2021

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The innovative painting schemes are looking up spring decor trends this year and you can transform any room of your home with a statement ceiling.  Flowers in vases or glass jars in coffee tables, dining tables, and wall shelves can be used as decoration. Framed artworks, gorgeous flowers,  spring and summer landscapes, images of birds or gardens in blossom need to substitute winter pictures.

4. Spring Decor Trends For 2021: Rethink Your Organization Pieces

spring decor trends 2021

Source: thespruce.com

The cupboard organization doesn’t always mean storing everything out of sight in cabinets and chests of drawers. The extravagant items can be displayed on the exposed wall-to-wall wooden shelves and cupboards so that the less attractive essentials can be tucked away in the cabinets. The color-coding of the shelves can add a soothing sense of rhythm to space, too.

5. Swap in a Patterned Headboard

spring decor trends 2021

Source: domino.com

There is no need to grab your paint rollers or ready the wallpaper to revamp a bedroom. Upgrade the centerpiece of your room — the headboard — to something lively and cheery and is a part of the top spring decor trend.

6. Paint Your Cabinets As A Spring Decor Trends For 2021

spring decor trends 2021

Source: mrdirectint.com

Don’t let the custom convention limit you when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. Make an old room feel fresh and renovated by patting on a coat of something fun. A basic foundation of color composition is the solid understanding that any two colors that exist together in nature will always work successfully and can be applied to the cabinets.

7. Wallpaper a Small Room

spring decor trends 2021

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Perhaps one of the most impressive spring decor trends is to make a significant impact in a small space such as a powder room is to cover it in bold and vivid wallpaper. These wallpapers are sure to renew your home decor and add richness to your space in a simple yet efficient way. Either maintain a steady theme, and accordingly, select a house wallpaper, or be experimental by choosing the wallpaper according to your room’s utility and desired ambiance.

8. Spring Decor Trends In 2021:  Splurge on Luxurious Bedding

spring decor trends 2021

Source: decorilla.com

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to reinstate the dull bedding you’ve had for years upon years, this is it. The bed is essentially the centerpiece of the room, and the first and last thing you see each day, so it’s worth making it a sport you love. Use pastel shades like pink, peach, and pinkish-red color shades that remind of gorgeous sunrises, striking tulips, beautiful roses, and spectacular sunsets which thus makes it one of the top spring decor trends 2021.

9. Reupholster a Statement Furniture Piece

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Source: antemion.ru

Make the unused and old things new again by reupholstering your vintage furniture. There are endless opportunities to express yourself while establishing the tone of a room with upholstery. The right upholstery acts as an investment, so unless you have a continuous upholstery fund, you better decide on finding something you will love for the long way.

10. Reorganize Your Bookshelves For Spring Decor Trends In 2021

spring decor trends 2021

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You seemingly haven’t noticed your bookshelves accumulating dirt and clutter over the year, but all of those books, nicknacks, and random tidbits (out-of-place penny, we’re looking at you), add up to a lot of visual noise. There is a need to reorganize these spaces, make them appear as a significant part of the space and an upcoming spring decor trend.

11. Spruce Up Your Closet

spring decoration trends 2021

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Start (and end) the day right with a beautifully decorated closet. Whether it’s a little change like swapping out dry cleaning hangers for a uniform wooden variety or a big makeover like adding wallpaper or installing a light fixture, there are infinite ways to create the closet of your dreams.

12. Replace Your Curtains As Spring Decor Trends In 2021

spring decoration trends 2021

Source: thespruce.com

Trading out curtains as a part of the spring decor trend can make a major artistic impact on your space, depending on the color, style, and texture you use. We often overlook how window dressing is so much more when it comes to tying a room together.

If your curtains are dull, ill-fitting, or just plain boring, it’s time to give them a makeover. Silky fabrics in rich colors, soft knits and felt, cotton combined with lace and bright ribbons add tenderness and a romantic feel to spring decor trends in contemporary or vintage style.

13. Repurpose a Space You’re Not Using

spring decoration trends 2021

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Repurposing any unused space will not only make your home more functional but will prevent an underutilized room from becoming a catch-all for clutter. Remodeling your unused space is a major answer to this problem and can increase the home’s usability and functionality.

14. Spring Decor Trends Of 2021: Accent Your Space with a Focal Point

spring decoration trends 2021

Source: mymove.com

Does your living room or bedroom lack focus? Give the eye a place to unwind by reinvesting in a piece of furniture that stands out in character. In a traditional Indian home, a royally fashionable pouf is the statement piece of the sitting area.

15. Get a Furniture Piece You Can “Hang Out” In

spring decor trends 2021

Source: architecturaldigest.in

It’s crucial to have a few pieces of furniture in your home that you can consider your “sanctuary” — a comfortable and private space for you to be alone with your thoughts. This can be a floral printed couch resonating with the spring decor trend or a hammock and a cozy reading chair.

16. Stock Up on Pretty Serving Ware For Spring Decor Trends Of 2021

spring decoration trends 2021

Source: wsimg.com

If years of hosting have resulted in chipped plates or out-of-date serving ware, take this spring season to make a chic upgrade. Mixing complementing colors and patterns in the serving ware adds additional layers of interest. 

17. Invest in a Quirky Light Fixture

spring decoration trends 2021

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The spring decor trends 2021 mentions that a great light fixture can become the focus of a room. In the playroom of a laid-back home, a knotted Atelier 688 bulb fixture makes a striking visual impact.

18. Spring Decor Trends For 2021: Light Up Your Entryway

spring decoration trends 2021

Source: re-thinkingthefuture.com

If your entryway is lacking natural or artificial lighting, illuminate it with a series of statement lamps. This is the entry point of your guests, and it should set a tone for the rest of your home. Vibrant accessories, interesting vases with beautiful flowers, and even artwork can lighten up a room from the muted winter tones. 

19. Spring Decor Trends Of 2021: Paint Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

spring decoration trends 2021

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The Pantone color of the year – Blue is always a safe choice for a bedroom. The color evokes feelings of calmness and tranquility even if it is a brighter shade. The addition of firm white adds an instant freshness that is exciting for spring. Rich and royal textiles like silk and velvet add a softness that makes you want to enjoy your favorite book.

20. Up the Green Power of Your Home

spring decoration trends 2021

Source: gardeningknowhow.com

Lush green plants inside your home can have plenty of health benefits, but they also make any space look better — and besides, Greenery is the color of the year. Add some foliage to your home in an exciting way, like lining each shelf of a bookcase with plants. Also, any window opening into the balcony and watch spring bloom indoors. Greenery is a must for any interior as it brings life into space and is a crucial spring decor trend of 2021.

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