10 Stunning Small Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

10 Stunning Small Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

The studio apartment consists of one bedroom with an attached kitchen and bathroom. Nowadays, the living places in the urban area are getting smaller and tighter. So a studio apartment is perfect if you are living alone in a metropolitan city. Studio apartments are also comfortable and welcoming.

If you have a small apartment that does not mean that you can not decorate it, you can easily decorate it in many ways. If you are looking for a floor plan to decorate your studio apartment, here we are providing some fantastic small studio apartment ideas, which you can effortlessly implement to your place and make it beautiful.

So, here are ten studio apartment decorating ideas:


Loft studio apartments are very trendy nowadays. The loft is generally an open space in the apartment with two-level. They have exposed pipelines, duct lines, and brick walls overhead is a cool place, and you can use it in different ways. This open space could be your working area or dining area. You can easily customize your apartment by adding a loft space in your studio apartment.

loft studio apartments

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Add Storage units

Use storage units to remain clean and sorted. Use your space under your bed and sitting area. Make your stairs as storage drawers. Expand your storage area upwards by using your loft space and add some high ceilings storage compartments. Make space under your bed and buy those tables which have shelves underneath. You can also use colorful baskets and boxes to keep your stuff.

storage units for studio apartment

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Change the bed

A typical bed usually takes a lot of space. So, try some other styles of bed which take less space and also serves the purpose. Use a Murphy bed or sofa cum bed in your small studio apartment. It is fold-able and occupies less space. A loft bed is also a good option. This way, you can also utilize the upper area as well.

sofa cum bed

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Utilize Every Corner 

Use movable furniture, as it has two benefits. First of all, you can easily move your furniture and change the look of your room, and secondly, you can use it in multiple ways. Sliding doors are best for studio apartments. You can also add a sliding glass wall, they give you privacy, and they look elegant. Movable stairs are right for you if you have a loft bed or bookshelf upstairs. They can easily be hidden and blend with your room.

studio apartment decor ideas

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Space Under The Stairs

If you have space under your staircase and you don’t know how to use it. You can use it as your shoe closet. You can put an extra bed for guests under the stairs. Also, you can add some storage cabinets under the stairs, and it works as a storage area. You can also use the space as a Laundry place and washing sink.

studio apartment decor ideas

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Mystical Mirror

Mirrors can magically make any space bigger and brighter. Mirrors can be a significant design element in your apartment. You can also use a mirror in different ways like a mirror coffee table and various types of furniture. Use a floor-length dressing mirror. A mirror can be modern, edgy, vintage, or any other style that you like. Place a mirror in front of a natural light source like a window or behind a lamp or light. Add another mirror in front of a mirror. So, the reflection of light maximizes the effect of light. 

Mystical Mirror

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Multi-functional Furniture

Choose the right furniture for your small studio apartment. Never use fixed and heavy furniture in the studio apartment. It will make your space dense and occupy more space. Use light weighted and movable pieces of furniture. A portable dining table is perfect for you, and this also functioned as your study desk. With this, you can also include some fold-able chairs for seating. A sliding or Loft bed will give you extra space under the bed. You can put your desk and work there. 

studio apartment decor ideas

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Capsule Wardrobe

Your closet should be compact and organized. You can use a built-in (capsule) closet or an open space closet. Add some open shelves behind your bed or under your stairs. Instead of using a separate dresser for your clothes, use space inside your bed. Add a clothing rack to put your coats and jackets. You can add some extra shelves above your bed and use them to store your shoes. It also works as a great background. A small clothing rod in any corner of your room will save a lot of space, and it looks neat and clean.

Capsule Wardrobe

Source: newminimalism.com

Geometrical Patterns

Different shapes and designs will make any place fun looking. Add some hexagonal or circular-shaped shelves to give your room a different look. Paint your wall with colorful paints. Add an accent wall and paint it with some patterns and textures. Try some unique and asymmetrical pattern designs. Try to bring some wood textures like bamboo and wooden furniture. This furniture will give your room some depth and openness.

studio apartment decor ideas

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Modern Center Table

A center table is a must for any sitting area. You can put your snacks and coffee on it while watching tv. Experiment with a different-shaped coffee table. You can use a trunk as your center table, and it will make your sitting space unique. This trunk can also work as a storage box.

Modern Center Table

Source: julieprops.com

A studio apartment means less space for living, but you can easily manage when you choose the right things for the right place. Organizing a small studio apartment could be stressful. You can divide the space; by this, you have different areas in a single room. Use curtains that will match the theme of your home. A different color of lighting creates a visual division of premises. Glass or wooden panels work perfectly as a separator. Use ceiling and lights like pendant lights or lamps. This way, you can save space and then use that space for other uses.

And at last but the most important thing is to clean and organize your things regularly; otherwise, your small apartment will look messy. Keep your stuff in its place. To get more ideas to browse through Innovativedecorideas

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