Have A Relaxing Bath In A Magnificent Subway Tile Shower

Have A Relaxing Bath In A Magnificent Subway Tile Shower

Don’t subway tiles tempt you to play Hopscotch? Okay! Not the exact one. But hopping from one tile to another tile and being careful not to step on the wrong one. This happens with almost all of us a lot while talking on a call and moving towards the destination, or just taking a stroll on the street, once you are on a subway tile, your legs automatically start playing a part-hopscotch game.

And we guess this is the only reason why the designer thought of having them personally with us by introducing a subway tile shower. Yep. You heard (oh sorry! Read) it right. The excitement can be seen in sentence formation (haha!). 

You can also get a subway tile bathroom to your place, but before that, you will have to know about the types of subway tiles. And for inspiration, go through a few subway tile showers or bathrooms.

Classic Subway Tile

Classic Subway Tile

source: trendir.com

You can never go wrong with the selection of classic subway tiles. The one in a rectangular shape is the classic style of the subway tile.

Hexagon Subway Tile

source: eurotilestone.com

Hexagon is just another shape that enhances the look of the room wherever it is placed. They come in various sizes and colors.

Marble Subway Tile

Marble Subway Tile

source: sebringdesignbuild.com

It isn’t always possible to place a marble anywhere! Especially not in the bathroom, right? So here is an alternative marble subway tile, which will give you a win-win situation. You can get a marble effect as well as a subway tile in your bathroom.

Square Subway Tile

Square Subway Tile

source: pinterest.com

Who doesn’t like even things? An evenly shaped pattern can give a defined look to the bathroom. The squared bathroom tiles of any color will intensify the view of the room and the arrangements you will do with it.

Patterned Subway Tile

Patterned Subway Tile

source: pinimg.com

Everything plain can get boring, and a bathroom is a place where people take a relaxing bath. The patterned subway tile comes in various colors, textures, and even designs. Then add a playful element to the room.

Subway Tile Shower Ideas

Now here are few ways to keep your subway tile game on point while incorporating them into your shower area or whole bathroom:-

Try out Herringbone Style

 subway tile shower

source: kingstonlaffertydesign.com

Everyone places tiles in a simple style, try something different and elegant with Herringbone arrangement of tiles on walls and large tiles as flooring. The Persian green subway tile laid in a herringbone style on the back wall, white hexagon subway tile on sidewalls and white sanitary ware go with each other perfectly.

Use Contrasting Grout

 subway tile shower

source: homedesignlover.com

Subway tile seems more appealing when contrasting grout is used to fix it. Like the one in the above image, the modern bathroom with the backsplash of the brown subway with white grout. The silver bath ware and glass partition used for the shower area and bathtub are just magnificent.

This organization will make you want to stay in there for a few more minutes!

Use the Neutral Grout

 subway tile shower

source: decorpad.com

Don’t want to show grout lines? It’s okay, keep it neutral. The black subway tile positioned in a simple manner and in an equal way with marble tile flooring and pearl white bath-ware looks both elegant and royal.

You can have it designed for a common bathroom at your place.

Go for Half-Half View

 subway tile bathroom

source: pinterest.com

The half and half pattern don’t always mean half is covered in tiles and another half in the paint. You can opt for wallpaper or even a different style of tile. Here in this bathroom, half of the wall is of subway tile laid in a brick pattern and the remaining part is adorned with beautiful beach style wallpaper.

Wooden frame mirrors and seagrass baskets for storage are totally emitting the holiday vibes. To add more to its beauty, the miniature hexagonal print subway tile is used as flooring.

White Subway Tile Bathroom

while tile

source: thegreenwichdesigndistrict.com

This black and white subway tile bathroom with a golden accent is purely gorgeous. If you take a close look at the way the bathroom is designed, you will definitely praise the person behind it. The bare pipes painted in gold under the sink are flattering the look. Flooring with small hexagonal sub tiles with the black border vertical is defining the shape. 

The colors in the bathroom are well balanced and spreading out the soothing aura.

Black and White Subway Tile Bathroom

Black and White tile

source: hgtv.com

What do you think about the combination of black, white, golden, and wood? Golden and wood as accents and black and white as mains. The output will be the same as shown in the above picture. 

Get the simple and hexagonal subway tiles in white and black colors, respectively. Go for golden taps, be it on the washbasin or attached to the bathtub. Here the owner has glammed up the bathroom with black and white bathtub placed on a section laid with textured wooden tiles.

Marble Look on the Walls

Marble Look on the Walls

source: flooranddecor.com

Why should floors have all the fun? We mean till now we were using a marble effect for flooring only, let’s move them to the walls. Having a marble sub tile is the way to do it. Arrange them in a random way or in an organized manner, the impact it will emit is just ‘wow.’ 

To intensify the view, go for marble tile flooring and white bathtub, a backsplash of glass and a steel sanitary ware—glam up with plants on the platform.

Patterned Flooring

Patterned Flooring

source: homedecormagz.com

Blue is the color of the water. (Though water is colorless, the ocean still looks blue, right?) Feel watery with the backspace covered in blue patterned tile and sidewalls with medium size white classic subway tile. 

The grey marble flooring and glass partition between the shower area and bathtub are looking best. Few more plantations and wish yourself a vacation at home with this bathroom or shower area.

Vertical Placement

Vertical Placement

source: listimg.com

There are a number of ways to place the tiles. But vertically stacked-up tiles give an elongated look to your bathroom. White, grey, black, and pastel colors are too mainstream. Go for brown color as shown in the image.

This effortlessly chic look is beautiful with the combination of brown backsplash and while flooring both with vertical sub tiles. Wooden furniture is going well with the ambiance. 

Go for Bold Colors

 subway tile shower

source: centsationalstyle.com

Have you ever seen royal blue color in bathrooms? Maybe not. But it looks amazing. The royal blue color works up to its name, emitting royalty. 

Tiles laid in brick style vertically with golden-colored bathroom accessories and wooden frame mirror, what else you need to perfect the restroom? Marble tile flooring is adding the beauty factor to it.

Opt for Fresh Colored Tiles

 subway tile shower

source: ik-architects.com

Sometimes all you need is fresh colors in the bathroom to enjoy the freshening time. Hexagonal tiles are mostly used for flooring, but here in this one, the designer has used to grace up the wall. Three types of sub tiles are used in this design.

Oversized rectangular, hexagon, and wooden imprint tiles. Hexagon tiles on a focused sidewall, rectangular as a backdrop for mirror and wash area and wooden one as flooring. To blend the elements, the hexagon-shaped mirror is used. The placement of hexagonal tiles is the thing that needs praise, three colors infused perfectly.

Accent Subway Tile in Shower

 subway tile shower

source: trend4homy.com

There are times when you don’t like subway tiles that much, but that doesn’t mean you can change it instantly. To save yourself from thinking about what to do at that time. Go for sub tiles just as an accent.

How would it seem? Like the one in the image, a horizontal stripe on the back and sidewalls of the small hexagon shape. Even that strip will lit up the entire view of the shower. Grey, as the main color is magnifying.

Brick Pattern Arrangement with Hexagonal Flooring

 subway tile shower

source: pinterest.ca

The turquoise blue tiles adhered to the wall and flooring with hexagon subs (making a pattern) is all you need to prettify the royal bathroom. Always remember, there are many things that define the cool bathroom from this color scheme to its classic bathware.

The grey bathtub is going well with the whole color palette of the bath area. The clawfoot bathtub can send you to the palaces.

Staggered Placement of Subway Tile

 subway tile shower

source: lookslikewhite.com

The two famous types of placement in tiling are staggered and stacked. Here we will give you the example of staggered placed tiles, and the next one is stacked.

Staggered means randomly laid tiles. For this, you can get any style of subway ceramic tile but make sure you place them improperly. Yes! Heard it right. This is the specialty of staggered style placement of tiles. This effect can be shown by using different colors of tiles.

Stacked Subway Tile

Stacked Subway Tile

source: artstation.com

Having stacked up tile more like a mom’s work (perfect and up to the point). This pink and gold bathroom is the best example of the piled up look. It has neat and clean outlines.

Pink color Squared tiles for walls and herringbone pattern as flooring that too with marble tiles and glorify the area, the golden accent is used as bathware and for the frame of mirror and entrance. Moreover, the clawfeet of the bathtub are also painted in gold.

Wallpaper and Tile Marshalling

Wallpaper and Tile Marshalling

source: picbear.org

Mix up two trending materials used for the interiors – tiles and wallpaper. But who thought it would be in the bathroom? The way this one is designed will help to stay organized and eyes will always try to find the new shapes forming in the wallpaper.

Flooring and sidewall are laid with tiles in herringbone design showing off the fine white grout lines. And to make it appear close to nature, the plants are adorned on the niche. And it is also used as the storage space in the bathroom rather than getting furniture.

Fuse Vintage with Subway Tiles for Eclectic Effect

 subway tile shower

source: pinterest.com

The subway tiles themselves date back to the 20th century. They were introduced for the first time while building the subway in New York, hence their name. 

So creating a vintage look is much easier using these ceramic plates. The one in the image has the perfect old and classical look. The arch-shaped entrance given for the shower area with the bordering black beveled sleek tiles with sky blue as contrast color is adding charm to the bath area.

Go Green With Shower

 subway tile shower

source: houzz.com

‘Go green’ – a quote and moment that everyone is following right now! Install it in your shower too! Not by planting the trees but selecting the green color. You will be like, too bold to say that.

But have trust, this will make your shower area look just next to nature. When going green, the grey and silver combination is flawless. And again, the niche is the better option for storage.

Everything Subway!

 subway tile shower

source: diys.com

It seems like the designer or owner is too obsessed with the style of tiles. From flooring to walls, everything in subway tiles. What is the benefit of having this style of the shower? Cleaning becomes easier.

The bathroom shown in the image seems to be built up in loft space and has a white tile laid using the black grout. Flooring is done with a Jewish Star-shaped tile and a clawfoot bathtub is placed. Here also, golden bath wares are used.

Patterned Subway Tile Flooring

 subway tile shower

source: pinterest.com

The one with patterned flooring. In most Indian homes, the bathroom is designed with the patterned subway flooring. While laying the patterned tiles, the concentration should be on tiling only. One wrong move and finish!

The one in the image is a beautified bathroom with a pedestal wash basin, wooden ceiling, and metal-based bathwares. 

Squared rectangle wash area

 subway tile shower

source: thedesignfiles.net

For this type of outlook, you will have to go with a small squared subway tile. You can’t use any other style except stacking up on the wall. Here in this wash area, the designer has kept his focus on only two colors – black and white.

The way black grout is used in laying the tiles on the walls is just awesome-ifying the entire area and black tiled cupboard and sanitary ware are acting as a cherry on the cake.

Finishing Up The Subway Tile Shower:

While gathering the best of showers and bathrooms we noticed a few things that needed to be penned. There are certain things that are in trend and you should probably incorporate, they are:

  • Clawfoot bathtubs
  • Metal-based sanitary ware
  • Niche for storage and decoratives
  • Hexagonal Subway Tiles (as flooring)

So if nothing, infuse these things to your shower and experience the best of look a subway tile can create. For more ideas related to decorating any part of the house, visit Innovativedecorideas.

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