7 Incredibly Unique Tabletop Design Ideas – DIY Furniture

7 Incredibly Unique Tabletop Design Ideas – DIY Furniture

Those who don’t want to settle for the ordinary are at the right place. We are going to discuss some stylish and unique tabletop ideas here.  

The coffee table already is the focal point of the living room. Just imagine how remarkable it would be if the focal point (i.e. coffee table) is a unique piece of art. 

Furniture brands are developing some incredibly unique furniture pieces. However, designing your own tabletop is quite easy. And you don’t have to start from scratch and go on a shopping spree to find the materials. You can make use of the ordinary things available in your home and make a statement piece on your own.  

Here are some super-awesome table tops ideas that you can make on your own. Let’s get going. 

1. Pallet Tabletop – Just Mix And Match 

Coffee Table

Source: renovefudosan.com

Got some extra wood pallets in the storeroom? 

Let’s make use of them in an extraordinary way. Cut all the wood pallets to the same size. Combine the pallets together and fix them together (by nailing or gluing them together). A unique tabletop is already. However, top the arrangement up by adding a glass or plexiglass sheet, a rectangle glass for table top would be a good choice.  The glass sheet will save you from the splinters as well. 

This tabletop idea is always in-trend style. The wooden pallets provide a rustic feel and go with any furniture so it’s a win-win. Also, it’s a cost-effective tabletop idea and needs some spare wooden pallets only. Add some decor items on the table and it’s all ready to rock!

2. Door Table – Bring the Old Doors Out of the Junk

Coffee Table

Source: nctodo.com

Old wooden doors are usually thrown into the junk. However, here is a functional idea of using the old doors so that next time you don’t throw the old pieces away. 

Take the old door (even the conventional paneled door would work), cut between the panels, and create the top. One door is enough to make the top as well as bottom of the table. You can also make a storage compartment in the table and enhance its functionality. The coffee table with an old door will add a vintage feel to the living room. Add some antique pieces on the top along with a houseplant maybe, and complete the look. 

3. A Custom-Cut Glass – Sleek and Clean Design

Coffee Table

Source: websuper.net

Want to add the elegance of glass to your living place? Just DIY it!

Measure the dimension and order a custom-cut glass piece. For the base, just get four wooden blocks (cut them out of a bigger wooden block) or add some other funky supports like an old wooden rack, a small storage unit, or a stand-alone drawer.  Put the glass sheet on top of the base and it is all set! 

The glass tabletop is an awesome pick for any space. Be it a contemporary interior or a traditional one, a glass coffee table has the knack to light up space instantly.

4. Log Rides – The Simplest and Trendiest DIY

Tabletop Design Ideas

Source: furnicato.de

Building your own coffee table seems like an unusual idea, but it’s really easy and cost-effective. Just get some tree stumps, two or three at maximum (one also works fine but let’s just be a little extra). Paint them with a single color or you can also choose different colors for each. We would suggest you see what goes with your sofa set and other living room furniture.

If you have a neutral sofa set, pick a contrasting color to create a wow-factor. However, you can also go for neutral on neutrals. Paint the tree stumps and put them together in the center of the living room.  Put a table tray on top and there you go, put your feet up and enjoy the sturdiness of these DIY coffee tables.

5. Tire Coffee Table – A Slick Idea 

Tabletop Design Ideas

Source: ikwoonfijn.nl

Do you like coffee tables with round table top?  Here is a super-cool and inexpensive coffee table idea for you. 

The extra tires are not always for dumping, they do find some really cool applications in our daily life. One such application is explained here. Take some rope and a tire. Wrap the tire in the rope and glue it there. Once the tire is all wrapped up in rope, you have an under-chic tabletop ready in your hand. It’s as simple as that!

Try different colors of rope to create a more interesting and contrasting piece. This tabletop idea delivers a retro plus contemporary feel so try it!

6. Mirror Table – Reflect Some Glory

Tabletop Design Ideas

Source: thearchdigest.com

Are the mirrors only hanging on your walls? Here is another exciting application of mirrors. 

Take that old coffee table (that you are planning on giving or throwing away). Paint it anew. Take the precise measurement of the tabletop. If you already have an extra mirror in your home that goes with the dimension or a bit smaller, use it. Fix the mirror on the top and place some bright-colored magazines or art pieces on top to reflect the magnificence. And your old coffee table is as good as new. Flaunt it and glam up your living room with some mirror effect.

7. Steps Table – Step Up Your Style Game 

Tabletop Design Ideas

Source: blubambu.co.uk

Steps and compartments are a great way to enhance the functionality and level up the style game. The stepped coffee table is a statement piece and it’s also easy to DIY.

You will only need some extra pieces of wood (you will easily find some in your garage). The wood pieces can be of different sizes, you only need to assemble them. Just like making a staircase, go on with adding two or more wooden pieces at some distance with a stay. In this way, you will end up making a fascinating coffee table.

Paint the table with a vibrant color to create a majestic feel. Put some exquisite art pieces on each step and complete the look. 

Just Go For It!

Building a piece for your home is not just adding a furniture article to space. It is more like adding a touch of your personality to the interior. So we encourage creating items on your own. Above all, it’s quite simple and very rewarding.

All the above-mentioned tabletop ideas are super-simple and cost-effective. You will find most of the required items in your garage or store. Just bring them out of the junk and make use of it. Incorporate your creative flair and make some masterpieces for your home!

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