Top Tips for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Top Tips for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Add value to your home today with these simple home improvement project tips. Whether you’re seeking refinancing, looking to sell your home or taking steps toward your dream home, home improvement is a great way to invest in your property. Grab your favorite tools, survey equipment and create a plan to improve your home.

Start Small

The key to successful home improvement is starting small. While a total kitchen renovation or an addition may be a great value add, they are also very costly. If you’re planning on doing the work on your own, any plumbing and electrical work can be dangerous if you aren’t experienced with using the proper tools.

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Start with simple landscaping, painting a room or adding a few throw rugs and accent lamps in some areas of your home that look sparse. Small home improvements can still have an impact, and they’re far more safe and manageable than a major remodeling project.

If you don’t have any experience working with power tools, consider taking a class or asking for assistance. Someone who has experience with the right tools can guide you in the safe, effective use of surveying devices, circular saws and everything in between. These tips for home improvement will give you ideas.

Look for Maintenance Tasks

For a great way to get some hands-on experience working on your home, check your maintenance list. Furnace filters need to be replaced frequently, usually every 30 to 90 days. Check your filter to see the lifetime and the measurements for ordering a new one. Lawn maintenance, water filter replacement, and gutter cleaning are other common maintenance tasks that are easy for beginning DIYers.

Even little projects can really add value to your home. Some curb appeal projects are major renovations, while others are as simple as weeding a flower bed, adding a potted plant to your porch and removing leaves from your gutters.

If you ignore a maintenance issue for too long, it may become a major repair project. For example, a dirty furnace filter can decrease the lifespan of your furnace. Clogged gutters can bend and break, and dirty siding can begin to mold, rot or rust.

Add Value to Your Home

Once you’ve tried your hand at a few small projects and maintenance tasks, choose a big project to tackle. An easy way to handle a major project is to hire the right team of professionals. Otherwise, you’ll need to grab your power tools, survey equipment, and other tools to gear up for a major project. Patching cracked drywall, adding trim, changing a light fixture or replacing your kitchen cabinets are areas that can add major value to your home.

Drainage around a foundation is important. So important in fact, that foundation drainage mistakes can even threaten its structural integrity. If runoff from rain and snow isn’t channeled far enough away from your home, it could saturate the soil and destabilize the foundation.

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If you have an eye for interior design, change up your layout with a new table, furniture, bookshelves, and curtains. Interior design can completely shake up the way your home looks without getting your hands dirty with major construction projects or dangerous wiring work. Not only does a professional interior design add value to your home, but it’ll also alter the flow of your home and give your home the breath of fresh air it deserves.

Foundation problems like – gaps between windows and doors, misaligned and sticking doors, sticking windows, floor cracks, wall cracks, ceiling cracks, foundation leaks, torn or wrinkled wallpaper, sloping or uneven floors, water damage, or even mold will lower the value of your home. Contact a foundation repair company to fix these foundation problems.

Know Your Limits

Don’t attempt to tackle more than you know. When it comes to major plumbing leaks, wiring new outlets and light fixtures or replacing your furnace, these highly skilled areas may be better off left to the professionals. Without proper tools and training, a home improvement project could damage your home or increase the chance of personal injury.

Know when to call a professional plumber, electrician or carpenter to handle major improvements. With the right designs, you can still add value to your home when hiring professionals. Not only will you avoid the risk of injury, but you can also enjoy a flawless new look.

Ask your contractors about a timeline and the nature of the project. Look for ways you can take part in the project. For instance, you may be able to hang new drywall, then have a professional apply the tape and mud. Or offer to stain your new deck after a professional carpenter has installed it. These small steps may save you some money and allow you to take part in the home improvement process.

Invest in the Right Tools

From gardening to structural changes, home improvement projects require the right tools for the job. The proper tools not only allow you to tackle new projects, but they also increase the safety, efficiency and flawless finish of each project.

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Investing in quality tools provides you with long-lasting performance. Choose the tools used by professionals to enjoy streamlined projects and equipment that will last you a lifetime. Look for a distributor that gives you access to a range of options and brands in order to find the best deals for your particular needs.

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