Top 14 Amazing Wooden DIY For The Garden Decor

Top 14 Amazing Wooden DIY For The Garden Decor

We all have wooden things in our home that we don’t use anymore and there is no point of keeping those things in the house as it would just occupy more and more space but throwing it out would also be like wasting rather you can do small changes in those wooden materials and can turn them out into garden decor projects which would not only prove to be beautiful for the garden but at the same time this would be like valuing the money and this would even save lots of your money.

Turing those things into garden things would be fun and you can even include your kids in this process so that they can also have some fun along with you and also this is a nice way to keep your environment safe since woods are eco friendly and it is a great way to repurpose old things which is a great thing for sure. If you are wondering about some of the best wood projects for your garden projects then, here are some of them listed below that you can check out:

Colorful garden furniture:

Colorful garden furniture

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We all have that old piece of furniture set in our home that we no more use and it is there in our house for a long time but we have not even thrown it away since it is in good condition then you can simply paint those furniture sets and then you can keep them in the garden so that the sets could make a beautiful patio for your home. Make sure to paint that furniture in colorful paints so that it could make the place catchy and beautiful at the same time.

Turn the wine barrel into a garden bench:

Turn the wine barrel into a garden bench

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Do you have a wine barrel that you don’t anymore? If your answer is yes then don’t throw it away as it can be used as a bench in the garden which seems to be a great trick to use the barrel and not waste anything as such. Here you would just have to get the barrel painted as desired and then you simply keep it in the garden where you would be able to sit at times.

Old chair into the masterpiece of the garden:

Old chair into the masterpiece of the garden

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Having a beautiful chain into the house can make a lot of difference and despite having a patio you can still have one or two huge chairs in your garden which needs to be decorated so beautifully that it would simply turn into the masterpiece of the garden. Here you have got your old wooden chair and add some cushions on that after getting that painted and then you can keep this in between the garden.

Wooden frames into the garden frame:

Wooden frames into the garden frame

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Garden frames are really cool but buying one would include lots of money so you can always convert your old wooden flames into the garden frames and here instead of pictures you would have to write messages and that would make your garden really beautiful and cool. You can also get those frames colored in different shades to add that pop of color into the garden and also you can make a welcome frame similarly.

Garden shelves:

Garden shelves

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If you want to keep our garden organized then you can create some small wooden shelves on the garden wall and then in each shelve, you can keep flowers of the same color and this would make your garden look much more organized and you would love the transformation for sure.

Wooden banner for your garden:

Wooden banner for your garden

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How cool it would be to get your own garden banner and if you are thinking of getting a paper banner then that would not last you for a very long time since paper gets destroyed in rain so better get a wooden log and size that well to write a beautiful message and hand it anywhere in the garden.

Toolbox for your garden:

Toolbox for your garden

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The toolbox is used to keep all your garden essentials as having a garage house or a storeroom in the garden is not that easy so here you can take any wooden box and all a pulling handle as well as some small wheels to make the toolbox for your garden.

Wooden gate for the garden:

Wooden gate for the garden

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A small wooden gate can be prepared by the old wooden log and this kind of gates is not only very beautiful but at the same time, they would make your home look very earth at the same time.

Wooden pots for the plants:

Wooden pots for the plants

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Are you bored with the same old mud or plastic pots? Then you can definitely try the wooden pot for your plants. On one hand plastic posts are very dangerous for our environment and on the other hand mud pots break easily so you can prepare a pot like thing with wood and the keep the mud pot into it along with the plant so your mud pots would be secure and at the same time your pots would also look great.

Long wooden bench as a garden bench for small plants:

Long wooden bench as a garden bench for small plants

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Decorating the garden is very important and if your nursery plant has grown a bit then you might just want to place them somewhere else and in this case you can reuse your old bench so that you can keep those small plant tubes on the bench and this would make your garden much more organized which and at the same time you garden would also look amazing.

Wooden post box:

Wooden post box


The wooden post box has to be one of the best additions to your garden which would not only make your garden look sweet but at the same time, it is very useful. Since tin post boxes are very common so for a change you can definitely check the wooden post box for sure and the best part is that it is super easy to make as well.

Here you would just have to get a wooden box or you can even prepare one with some left wooden blocks and then you would just have to write post box over that and attack it at the outside of the home.

Wooden swing:

Wooden swing

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How cool it would be to have your very own swing in your garden? It is a super exciting thing, right? Well, this would not only be exciting for you but at the same time your kids would also love and it is kind of a dream of every kid. You can easily make a swing out of some woods though there are other few things that are equally important such a swing structure which you can buy from the market and get an iron structure since they are strong and so they would be able to bear your weight.

Here you would have to get a pair of wooden stool and you would cut down the stand of the stool since you would just need the surface so that you can sit there. Pair of an iron chain would complete the swing and this would be the highlight of your garden for sure.

Wooden cart:

Wooden cart

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Many times we feel I irritating to carry heavy things into the garden and also some people are strictly not allowed to lift heavy things so for those people a wooden cart can prove to be a great thing for sure. It is very easy to prepare and if you have got some log of wood in your home then you would not even have to buy anything to prepare this which is a great thing for sure. Here you would have to get some wooden logs and some iron pins and with them, you would have you prepare a basket like a thing and also get a pulling handle.

The most important step here is to get some small wheels which would help the cart to move wherever you want it to be. You can fill the cart even with the heaviest thing but still, that would do its job decently.

Wooden plate or bowl to keep bird food in the garden:

Wooden plate or bowl to keep bird food in the garden

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We all love wooden utensils, don’t we? Almost every house has wooden utensils but the thing about wooden utensils has to be the fact that they get destroyed very soon and scratches seem to be the most common cause of the destruction of such utensil and moreover people have moved on and the trend of wooden crockery set is slowly disappearing but throw old one seems to be bad decision so rather get the bowl or plates in the garden and get them colored a bit and fill them with water and some food so that the birds can come and have their food and this seems to be a great initiative.

These were some of the best wooden DIY garden ideas that you need to check out and also you can visit InnovativeDecorIdeas for more such amazing ideas.

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