Things that You Should Know About Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams

Things that You Should Know About Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams

Urbane bronze Sherwin Williams is a trendy colour that you can use for the home décor. Use SW urbane bronze on the front doors, cabinets, home exteriors, and walls. It will make your home look excellent. Urbane bronze paint color isn’t only famous for houses and trends in fashion, Pottery Barn, and Sanctuary colour collection. Continue reading and find out everything about urbane bronze Sherwin Williams colour and how you can use it.

What Is Urbane Bronze SW 7048 colour?

You will see that SW 7048 is an earthy and warm paint colour that looks amazing when you use it in your home or your fashion. Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams reviews overlap the line between brown and grey. Some people think it is a combination of dark slate grey and deep chocolate brown.

Therefore, now you know that Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams is a dark colour. However, you can’t compare it with the colour black. Also, some urbane bronze Sherwin Williams reviews that it is too brown to read as grey colour. Therefore, an urbane bronze SW colour is a dark brown with a grey cast.

Sometimes, Sherwin Williams 7048 looks like dark brown colour. Other times it can look like a murky grey, depending on the light in the room. However, there are times when it can even have a green look.

Therefore, you can say that urbane bronze Sherwin Williams has a particular mix of shades in it. It is a nature-inspired colour that can make you feel sophisticated and bold at the same time. Furthermore, SW urbane bronze can provide a welcoming and tranquil feel in the room. You can also describe it as a grounded, meditative, and serene colour.

Urbane Bronze Undertones

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When you talk about the undertones of an urbane bronze paint colour, you will see that it has a hefty amount of black and warm brown undertones. Also, you will notice slight hints of green in this colour. These undertones make it a perfect earthy colour. Therefore, the SW 7048 is a warm shade in which the brown undertone is dominant over the green.

Light Reflectance Value Of Urbane Bronze SW 7048

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The Light Reflectance Value of urbane bronze by Sherwin Williams is 8. As you know that the scale goes from 1-100, and 1 is for entirely dark, and 100 is for altogether light. Therefore, it is clear that urbane bronze SW is a very dark colour. Also, it won’t reflect very much light into a room. However, you can use it to create a cosy and moody room.

What Are The Finishes And Materials You Can Use With Sherwin Williams 7048?

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Sherwin Williams 7048 is a serene colour that pairs well with metal, wood, and stone. You can also use natural materials that tie this earthy neutral colour back to its nature-inspired roots.

How Does Urbane Bronze By Sherwin Williams Feel In Space?

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Using urbane bronze by Sherwin Williams feels organic, natural, and bold in a room. Also, its dark tone may provide a weighted and luxurious feel in a space. Urbane bronze SW is splendour and glorious colour, and you should use it in your home. If you want to make it light, you can use subtle hues. It will provide a dark, bold, and warm feel in a balance.

If you don’t like dark areas for small spaces, use it for smaller portions. You can use it as hints of it. This way, your room will look cosier, and your space won’t feel too dark.

How Does Light Affect Sherwin Williams 7048?

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Light plays a significant role in the urbane bronze Sherwin Williams look. If your space has ample natural light, there is no doubt you should use this beautiful colour. The natural light will balance the dark colour’s boldness with the airiness through coming light.

If your room doesn’t receive much natural light, it may feel a little dark. However, you can still use the hints of SW urbane bronze in spaces where there is less natural light. It will give you a cosy vibe without taking out the room’s airiness. Therefore, whenever you decide to use sophisticated bronze paint colour, it is better to analyse the incoming light in the space.

When you want to use SW 704 in a space with little natural light, you can use LED lighting to light up the room. Install artificial lighting in pendant lights, chandeliers, and table lamps to create a perfect setting for a nice urbane bronze SW look.

Sherwin Williams 7048 Vs. Stony Creek

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Sherwin Williams Stony Creek is a solid and crisp colour. It can act as a great alternative to Urbane Bronze. It has deep grey-brown undertones, making the colour look expensive and sleek. However, it has an LRV of 9. Therefore, the stony creek is a much darker colour. If you can’t use it properly, your space will look dark and dull.

On the other hand, Sherwin Williams 7048 has an LRV of 8, making it less dark than a stony creek. Compared to it, you can use it in more spaces where the natural light is less without making the room dark.

Black Fox And Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams Reviews

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Black is a warm colour that has black and brown tones. You can also use this paint colour instead of Urbane Bronze as it also has an LVR of 7. But know that its looks are more towards the black colour than luxe browns. On the other hand, Sherwin Williams 7048 looks more like brown and grey. Therefore, if you want a bold and daring backdrop at home, you can use a black fox.

How To Use Urbane Bronze SW In The House?

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Urbane bronze SW 7048 is a soothing colour that creates a natural relaxation and serenity. It is also a comfortable colour, with nostalgic ties to the design of the ’70s and ’90s. However, the grey undertones present in it give a distinctly modern twist.

Outdoor Sanctuary

When you use urbane bronze SW in a satin finish, it gives a mid-century modern-style look. You get a soft, natural backdrop to add greenery and hang potted plants. You can also share your outdoor space with a little more depth by adding this beautiful colour. It is a rich brown with grey undertones, which lends sophistication to outer space.

Add a wooden table and surround it with the chairs of SW urbane bronze colour. If your outdoors doesn’t have much greenery, add one or two big vases. SW urbane bronze is a colour that enhances greenery.

Fluted Statement Wall

Use urbane bronze SW 7048 on a fluted statement wall to add personality and drama to the space. You can choose this earthy colour for an open-plan dining room. It will be the perfect dining hall wall for those that love a warmer and neutral colour. The SW 7048 is welcoming and statement-making, mainly when using it in an open space.

Also, you can add a white antique table in front of the SW urbane bronze wall if you want to add character to the space. Furthermore, a white table will make the room look airier and more spacious.

Dress Up Your Dresser

If you are not finding SW 7048 colour best option for a wall but want to use it, here is an idea for you. You can experiment with this colour at low risk. For example, you can include the colour via a beautiful dresser. The blue bronze paint dresser will add a dramatic touch in a light and airy space. Place your beautiful dresser in front of a white wall. Place a few books on it with a small vase.

Kitchen Cabinets

Therefore, it looks fabulous and should give cosy vibes. To make your kitchen look gorgeous, install urbane bronze Sherwin Williams cabinets. The urbane bronze SW 7048 cabinets will be the grounding element of your kitchen. It also complements all kinds of walls and goes well with wood tones.

Have a white wallpaper with some flower prints and install two or four open wooden shelves. Use wooden shelves for storage and decoration. You can also place cute little jars on it with small pots and succulents.

Front Doors

When you want a sleek house with a classic exterior, use SW urbane bronze colour for the front doors. It will give you a classy vibe when you walk through the doors. Also, add two antique lamps on the side walls. Place a brown doormat with two vases in front of the door. Add a mailbox below one light.


Urbane bronze paint colour is a popular paint that brings nature inside the room. It is a mixture of brown and grey paint colour perfect for doors, windows, home exteriors, and furniture. You can also use it on a wall for a dramatic and cosy look. If you want a bold colour that is earthy and urbane for your house, urbane bronze SW 7048 will be a great choice.

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