Make your Better-half Feel Loved With These Valentine Wreaths Ideas

Make your Better-half Feel Loved With These Valentine Wreaths Ideas

Love is in the air! Why? Because Valentine is just days away! Valentine’s day – a day when you express your feelings to the ‘love of your life,’ we aren’t saying that it is the only day to show love but that day has a different aura, you feel love-struck. And when you plan to showcase your love, it isn’t always necessary to have words in it. You can display it with your crafting skills too! Be it a handmade card or house decorations or valentine wreaths. 

What are you planning special for him/her? A romantic dinner at your place? That’s good! Now you will need ideas on how to decorate your home for Valentine’s day. You will have to decorate the whole house in order to surprise your partner. You can leave signs here and there for him/her to understand. Here we have answered one of your questions, and that is, how to do DIY valentine wreath? 

So welcome on-board for the gateway to DIY valentine wreaths ideas! Let your love (talking about feelings here!) be free and show the creativity it has for the loved one. After going through the ideas, you will surely get an idea on how to make a valentine wreath that will showcase your feelings to the person.

One more thing, it isn’t always necessary to decorate a house in the valentine theme, only if you have someone special to invite over. There are people who are bored of seeing one kind of decoration throughout the winters – Wintery or Christmassy decor. So this blog is also for people who want to have a change in the outlook of your house. Start with the wreaths, remove the old ones and stick the lovey-dovey ones.

So without any delay, let’s dive into the lake of love and get the best of valentine wreaths to display at your place.

First, collect the materials,

  • Artificial wreath frame (of grapevine or wired)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Needle and thread
  • The fabrics or materials mentioned in each idea (from paper to yarn)

As for colors to use, you can opt for:- red, pink, light purple (lavender), blue, white, and green.

(As for the Wreath frame, you can opt for different shapes, like a circle, oval, square, or heart. You will get it from Walmart or get it delivered from any online store. If you want to start with the basics, then collect grapevines and make a wreath of it.)

DIY Valentine Wreath Ideas:-

Using Flowers

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Heart

Materials Used: Flowers (Tulip)

Here in this wreath tulip is used, you can also use rose or lily or any other flower that you or your partner like! Moving on to its making, take the heart-shaped wreath frame and collect fresh tulips from the florists. 

Grapevine wreath frame is recommended. Then start placing the tulips in shape, make sure to cover every space and add decorative greenery to make it look more appealing.

Using Burlap

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Circle

Materials Used: Burlap (different color and design), Chalkboard

Get burlap ribbons, a circle-shaped wreath frame, and a chalkboard to create the perfect love-showing wreath. You can also use the chalkboard as a base and create a wreath-like piece, and this is purely optional!

Wrap the burlap ribbon on the wreath and use different colors and pattern burlap to create flowers or bows to stick on it. Now place the chalkboard in the middle and write a cute message for the loved one. Like, ‘be mine,’ ‘forever yours’, ‘together always & forever’ ‘ stuck in love with you’ and others!

Using Ribbon

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Square

Materials Used: Ribbons

Ribbons are available in many colors and patterns. There are such beautiful and soft things. Show the soft corner for him/her with the ribbon wreath.

Take the wreath frame, and start wrapping ribbon of white or any color (for the base), then form little flowers with different colored ribbons. Attach those cute little ribbon flowers using a needle and thread. This will consume your little bit of time, but the output will amaze you as well as your lover.

Using Paper

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Heart (using Cardboard)

Materials Used: Craft Papers (of different colors) & Marker

The paper wreath is the easiest one and looks more personalized. All you have to do is gather craft papers, cardboard, glue, and markers.

Draw a heart shape on the cardboard for the cut-out after that cut the different sizes of heart shapes from the colored craft papers. In quantity! So that it can cover up the entire cut-out. Keep some pieces large enough to write quotes or phrases for the loved one.

Using Puffy-Hearts


Wreath Shape: Circle

Materials Used: Puffy hearts, Yarn

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without two hearts meeting happily! The same is for the valentine wreaths. Won’t this article look incomplete without the hearty element?

Pick the circle-shaped wreath, create a base using yarn. Make sure the wrapping is tight, there shouldn’t be loose strands peaking out. Then stick the puffy hearts to collected from Walmart to it. Tada! Your hearty valentine wreath is ready.

Using Feathers

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Heart

Materials Used: Feathers, Burlap

A hearty wreath frame, feathers or feathered trim, and burlap – these are all you need to create a feathery door-display. Take a frame, wrap the basic burlap ribbon on it for the nice smooth base, then stick the feather on it using glue. 

Stick in a way and it looks arranged, neatly. If you have a feathered trim then your work will get easier. Wrap the trim around the frame carefully. And secure it with needle and thread. You can also add a tag spelling XOXO on it.

Using Tulle

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Heart

Materials Used: Tulle, a bamboo stick, glittery foam sheet, and valentine decors

Tulle just makes everything look dramatic and dreamy. This wreath will make your loved one go aww! The perfect color combination is a must for this one. The safest option is with-red, pink-white, or lavender-white.

Cut the tulle in equal length and in a size that it can be tied and still have ends lingering. Now take the frame and start tying the tulle. The knot should be tight and on the outer side. Opt for alternate colors, for instance, if you have taken pink(p)-white(w) it should go p-w-p-w-… and so on. 

To complete off the look add a few valentine decoratives and use a bamboo stick to create a cupid’s arrow. (Cupid’s arrow:- cut out the heart and fletching part from glitter foam paper and stick on either side of the bamboo stick.)

Using Pom-Poms

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Heart

Materials Used: Pom-poms (different colors)

Pom-poms are the cutest one on the earth after your lover. Let these cute things welcome him to the place. Grab colored pom-poms and glue to create a cute valentine wreath.

For this, go for a tricolor theme, red, pink, and white. Stick the pom-poms to the wreath frame. And finish up the look with a cardboard ribbon cut-out displaying your name or any cute phrases.

Lovey-dovey Phrases:- “Kiss Me” “Love you 3000” “Crazy 4 you” “Be Mine” “Waiting For You” “Hey Love” “Live the Life You Love”. You can also create one on your own.

Using Beads & Jewels

valentine wreaths


Wreath Shape: Heart

Materials Used: Beads and jewels (of different sizes and shapes)

Last but not least, the loved one is like a jewel to us. So welcome him/her with the jeweled wreath. Oh, so precious!

Collect all the beads and jewels you have at your place or get them from the store. And start sticking it in the wreath frame. You will have to stick it with glue and make sure it looks clean, clear, and shining.

Make the Presence of Valentine Everywhere With These Wreaths:

We all know the story of the great St. Valentine, who sacrificed his life just to make sure the two hearts are hitched together forever. And 14th February is celebrated as valentine’s day to express love and make the feeling everlasting. So using this DIY valentine wreaths ideas express your love to the person you want to be yours. Love is a feeling that is as pure as drinking water don’t let it waste. It’s rare and precious. Happy Valentine’s to you in advance!

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