Feel Royal With Victorian Interior Designs Ideas For Your House

Feel Royal With Victorian Interior Designs Ideas For Your House

After a decade of choosing the modern architecture style, people are now bent towards the Victorian interior designs. It has become a dream house for everyone. From its raw style to its classic color everything is so royal. So how and when did it start? 

This is not the first time when people are approaching the victorian style, it was introduced way back when your and my ancestors might be of our age! Imagine yourself sitting on a sofa in la grande living room with arched entrances and softening lights. How would that feel? Amazing, right?

If you are looking for creating a statement house, but without any difficulty or expense, Victorian interiors are for you. Without any effort, you will be able to create sophisticated interiors that too at affordable prices.

So without much further ado, let’s know everything about the victorian interiors. This article includes 101-guide on the same, which includes its history, elements, and a few of the best victorian mansion interior design.

What are Victorian Interior Designs?

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Victorian interiors are part of its architecture which was revived with time. It has a history dating back to the mid-19th century. The Victorian era refers to the period of Queen Victoria and the construction techniques and styles used during those times as Victorian Architecture and Interiors.

History of Victorian Interiors

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During the Industrial Revolution, the working classes had the option to build their flourishing house, and unexpectedly they put existing resources into the style and planned their homes. The output was mind-blowingly awesome. 

Between the time range of 1837 and 1901, when there was a rule of Queen Victoria, the world saw the modest large-scale manufacturing of endless family things, making them available to individuals who would never have managed the cost of them. Thus, Victorian designs were affordable to middle-class people as well. 

With the large-scale manufacturing of household things, people started to use them in their home decor. These goods include fabrics, furniture, and home accessories. With the privilege of classic and designer availability of goods, the victorian style reached its new riches and everyone experienced economic well-being. 

During those times, a bare room was considered boring and tasteless, so Victorian designs appear to be more cluttered as compared to the present-day minimalist design. So if you are looking for something sober and less dramatic, don’t go for Victorian architecture style or even interiors. However, let’s see what we can do about it.

Victorian Interior Design Characteristics

Here are a few elements that one can find in the Victorian mansion interior design. We have tried our best to explain it all in the simplest language possible. Let’s jump right into it!

Wallpaper and Paints

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When were wallpapers introduced? You might think a few decades back, but the answer is during the 15th century. Yes, that’s true. So when Victorian style was at the building stage, wallpapers already existed. 

During the 1840s, there was bulk production of wallpapers that too with different patterns. So people used them as one of the house decor elements. Wallpapers were hung from the skirting board to halfway to the picture rail near the ceiling. Many interior designers have tried recreating the same essence.

If that seems too much to you, go color the plain painted walls. You will often discover the plain walls in Victorian houses. As for which colors to use, keep reading!


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There were different types of flooring accepted by the people, from tiles to floorboards and marble everything existed! So let’s see what you can do for the floors? Here are a few options on what type of flooring should you go for:

  • Parquet,
  • Tiles,
  • Polished Floorboards, and
  • Marble.

However, always take care, victorian style flooring doesn’t complete without the placement of rugs, druggets, or carpets. Choose any of them and move ahead with it. As for patterns, they come in plants and flowers print mostly. In some of them, you will even see the arched design printed with a Mandala art effect.


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Victorians preferred soft and subdued colors. You won’t see bright and vivid colors in this style. The colors preferred during those times were rose pink, gray, lavender, or sage for the softer tones. And for the warmer tones, you can go for mustard yellow, teal, or even burgundy. 

Other hues that you might want to consider are ochre, beige, taupe, brown, ecru, russet, and earthen shades. However, many owners have opted for the bright colors for the window &  exteriors of Victorian mansions.

Fabric and Patterns

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Victorians were very choosy about the fabrics, they mostly used silk damask, velvet, or printed toile and chintz. The basic concept was to have a cozy and royal place to be at! You will see heavily printed fabrics as cushion covers and curtains. Even the rugs and wallpaper had patterns in them. 

They mostly go for the stripes, animal, floral, and geometric patterns. Incorporate them in the room and you will experience the Victorian era house decor.


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With such la grande decoration and embellishments, the purpose of lights was to soften the entire room. Select highly decorative lamps that give out soft and ambient lighting to the room. You should not miss the Tiffany lamp when recreating the Victorian-style house. Those side lamps will add the perfect queen touch to the room.

Furniture and Home Decor

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As said earlier, Victorian-style interior design is more on the cluttered side. It was organized but cluttered, how? In modern minimalist interior style, you won’t see much furniture or decor in the room. However, the Victorians personally hated bare rooms, so there was much antique-designed furniture in the room.

The most common home decor was the photo frames, you will rarely see an empty wall without any photograph hanging. They loved the lace pattern to the moon and back, you will find it at the seatbacks, wallpapers, mantelpieces, etc.

If you want to replicate the victorian style interior, never miss button-backed chairs, and ottomans are the perfect modern Victorian furniture. While talking about the furniture, mahogany, walnut, or oak are the perfect raw materials for the tables and cupboards in the room.

Fireplaces and Mantelpieces

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Like french fries are incomplete without ketchup, the victorian mansion interior is incomplete without a fireplace and mantel. Every Victorian home has a fireplace. You can go for any fireplace, from a traditional to an electric one, that gives the real wood-burning effect. Make sure to add the mantelpiece, it will be your space to exhibit the collection of souvenirs. 

Window Treatment

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You will never find a window plain without any embellishment in Victorian-style houses. Curtains were always there. The fabric for them can be anything in the heavy printed fabric, which was backed with the lining of wool or silk for a luxurious appearance.

Affordable Victorian Era Interior (DIY – Do It Yourself)


Probably the most straightforward approach to bring Victorian style to your house is to decorate elegantly at every possible opportunity. Try not to make do with a basic toss pad in a pretty shading. All things being equal, make it exceptional with beading, weaving, or trim. For embellishments, you can go to the texture store where you can find the heavy fabrics, and you will also get the pocket-friendly trims to add to the victorian style.

Exquisite Walls 

When someone says Victorian interiors the first image to come to mind is about the flora and fauna prints on the wall as a backdrop. Search online to get eBay deals on victorian style wallpapers. Many of the online sellers have a separate section for this style due to its huge demand.

You can also add the fake faux embellishment to carry out the victorian style like a pro. Gold paint on the wall dividers to create the fake gilded effect. Most probably you won’t have to do it, as wallpapers are pretty much in demand nowadays and you will also get them at affordable prices.

Flea Market Style 

You can add the feels to the victorian style houses by paying visits to the flea markets and garage sales. You will find real relics from the Victorian time, that too without harming your pocket.

For example, to add the Victorian feel you can just spray paint the chandelier in the dining room and add a few beads and trims here and there. Here you have the Victorian interior style chandelier.

Another option to give seating in Victorian interiors is Wicker furniture. You’ll discover this type of furniture at numerous flea markets. To make them look new once again, apply a coat of spray paint and you are good to go. 


Victorian interiors are more at the emotional and dramatic side, which can be created with luscious fabric and textures. You should search for fabrics such as velvet and brocade. You can utilize them in creating emotional accents and curtains. Fabrics used in Victorian interiors are made of rich silk and velvet adorned with strips or weaving patterns.

Few Best Examples of Victorian Interior Designs

Knightshayes Court, Devon

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Cragside, Northumberland

victorian interior

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Carlyle’s House, London

victorian interior

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Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire

victorian interior

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Lanhydrock, Cornwall

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Standen, West Sussex

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Red House, Bexleyheath

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Have Beautiful Victorian Mansion Interior Design

So this was all the information you need to know about the Victorian interior design for the mansion and normal cozy houses. In short, to create the Victorian interior design all you need is the perfect information and a creative mind. Within a very short span of time the styling will be done.

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