What Is A Sham Bedding? Everything You Want To Know About Them

What Is A Sham Bedding? Everything You Want To Know About Them

What is Sham Bedding?

The term Sham bedding refers to fake bedding, which means that it is decorated to make it look good. For example, if any guest is going to come to your house and you put some decorative items in your living room, change the sofa coverings and mattresses and other things just to make it look decorative. 

Similarly, sham bedding is the one that is used for the decoration purpose. Sham pillows are there which are quite popular. A sham pillow means a pillow with a “false front”. These pillows are decorated with a removable cover and it is called a sham pillow. 

 what is a sham bedding

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Why are Pillow Shams Used?

The sole purpose of using a sham pillow is to decorate your bed. Let’s say you want to make your guestroom look the best; you have done all the things required for decorating the room. You can add a sham pillow to your pillows and it will add more beauty to the room and your guests will really like it. 

If you want to give a hotel-like feel to your bedroom then you can add these sham pillows to your bed. It will give an elegant look to the overall beauty of your bedroom and you will get some change sleeping at night. 

If you think that your pillow covers are very simple and plain and want to get some fancy thing for your pillows then shams are the thing you are looking for. 

 what is a sham bedding

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Pillow Sham vs Pillowcase

People usually confuse between them and often consider a sham as a pillowcase. But there are certain differences between them about which you must be knowing. 


  1. Pillowcase is not used for a decorative purpose. It is simply used as a covering for the pillow on which people sleep. They can be decorative but their sole purpose is only for covering the pillows so that the pillows don’t get dirty when you put your head on them. 
  2. They open at one end. 
  3. They are made of simple sheet fabric. 

Pillow sham:

  1. The purpose of a sham pillow is for decoration.
  2. They are made of fancier materials, unlike the pillow covers that are made of simple materials.
  3. On the back of the sham, there is a flap for opening.
  4. There are zippers and buttons at the back in some shams.  
  5. All the four edges of a sham are finished with flange.
  6. One can sleep on it if they are made from washable sheet type fabric. Some sham pillows have the decorative fabric so one might feel uncomfortable sleeping on them.  


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What is The Size of a Pillow Sham?

As the sham pillow covers the traditional bed pillows, it has to match the size of your bed pillows. If the size of your bed pillows doesn’t match with the sham pillow coverings then how are you going to cover them… so measure your bed pillow size when you are going to purchase the sham pillows so that you get the exact match. 

The Standard size of a pillow is 20” x 26”. A king-size pillow has a size of 20” x 36” and a queen size pillow is of 20” x 30”. The European pillow which is of a square shape is 26” x 26”. 

If you have a standard bed then go for the standard pillows. King size shams are used for the king-size beds. It is not mandatory to use the king size shams for the king-size beds, one can use two standard shams as well. 

If you like using the square-shaped European pillows while you are just sitting in your bed and want to have these pillows in your lap or while reading something then get the shams of that size. 

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What Color Should you Choose for the Sham?

Color selection for the sham will go with the color of the bedsheet that you are using and also with the wall color. You have to match the sham color with the bed color so that it looks nice. The same color or similar color with the bedsheet adds a cherry to the cake. You can also go for a contrasting color. 


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what is a sham bedding

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what is a sham bedding

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what is a sham bedding

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what is a sham bedding

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Can I Wash the Sham?

Some shams are prepared from the materials that can be washed while some are not. You can contact the manufacturer or look for the wash guidelines for the sham that you have bought and they will guide you about it. 

So, here was an overview of bedding sham. Now, we hope that you have clear information about what is a sham pillow and you will be using it whenever needed to give an elegant look to your bed. Just get the right shams for your bed and decorate it to make it look the best. For more information, visit Innovativedecorideas.


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