What is a Sham Bedding? Unique Ways to Style it

What is a Sham Bedding? Unique Ways to Style it

If you want an attractive and cohesive look for your bed? You should opt for the sham bed; It can work as the best addition that you can add to your bedroom decor. There is a great alternative to opting for standard pillowcases. What is a sham, or what is a pillow sham? If you have these questions, do not worry. This post will tell you all about the essential bits about the pillow shams. Know what is a sham bedding?

True luxury will come when the bedroom is filled with fantastic bedding, sheets, sham, and pillows. There has been a lot of demand for bedroom interior designing in the market. It is now becoming more and more popular than most people are also now decorating their bed. As you know that sheets are for the bed, but the sham is for those where you rest your head, your pillows. 

These decorative shams are here to make your pillow look more beautiful. If you are interested in decking up the room, you have to use a sham for your beddings. Most people tend to feel that these covers are for the surface and work as a protective layer. You should keep in mind that they are here to work for more than that.

We all know that guests will look at everything from walls to the floor when we have guests over. They will look at all the small details regardless of it being small or big. To work as the best decorative purpose and take the attention of your guests, shams became an essential part of bedroom designing.

You should know that your bedroom is not just another part of the house where you spend most of your time in. There are various types of shams that you can choose from. You will master the art of choosing the best sham for you when you understand the significance of bedroom decor. Walk down the article to know everything about what is a sham bedding.

What is a Sham Set?

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Bedding is a type of pillowcase that has a facade. These are a lot fancier, substantial for covers for bed pillows. The primary motive of the sham beddings is that these are usually for decorative purposes. They will help you match the Duvet and blend in with the room colors, and the reason for them being popular is that they will help you set a specific theme for the room. You can get these in the bed linens department or various specialty shops; they come in all sizes, so you will not have to worry about your pillow size. They also come in various sizes and shapes to use on your standard pillows or decorative pillows. You will also find them in various kinds of shapes. 

We all know that pillows serve a very good and obvious purpose when we use them, but a sham bedding or pillow will be in use even if not used. The sham will provide your pillows with the best visual appeal. This is what shifts them from functional to fashion. It fits perfectly with your bedroom, or you can add them to your couch pillows as the living room decor.

Learn About the History of Bedding Decor

In the 17th century, the reason for the sham invention was to serve as the false front for covering the standard pillows. When you place your pillow in a sham, you will transform it into a decorative pillow. When you compare it to the general and typical pillowcase, you will see that the sham has an open back with overlapping flaps. Sham pillows also consist of a buttoned back or zippered back. You can usually buy the shams in pairs, and they also come with an accompanying duvet that will work and match all styles and colors. If you think that what is a duvet sham? You should know that it is the best type of bed decor item that has ever been invented and you can use them beautifully as they will be the center of your bedroom.

Rather than using throw pillows, people during the 17th century encased the regular pillows in shams. Additionally, another benefit of it is that you can easily remove a sham from a pillow. You have to simply put it in the washing machine so that you can easily wash it for maintenance purposes.

You can also sleep on it, but generally, people place the cushions and pillows in the shams behind the typical sleeping pillows during the nighttime. During the daytime, when people usually do not use the bed, people used to put the sham pillowcase at the front of the bed. It works as a bedroom decor and makes the room look more appealing to people. 

What are Shams Used For?

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If you have just learned about it, you will have questions such as what are pillow shams used for? The simple answer to this question is that during the 17th century, people wanted to be innovative and to decorate their bedroom beds to make them more appealing. Suppose you are also looking for a way to enhance the look of your room and make it appealing to the eyes. It is the best time to use sham pillows when you are tight on budget but still want to enhance the look of your room with little spending of money. Sham cases are not that costly; you can get them at the best price. You should use them when you want to enhance your room look and give it a modernized look.

What does Sham Mean in Bedding?

While sham bedding is a word that people have been using since the 17th century to describe fancy pillowcases. People use it for decorative purposes. You should keep in mind that these are best for decoration but are not ideal for sleeping on. Unlike the Tencel or cotton pillowcases, the materials used for the bed shams are of heavier fabrics or knits that also have lace, quilting, and applique. For this reason, it makes the sham pillows less ideal for sleeping purposes. Rather, you should think of them like fancy clothing for your bed. Another best thing about it is that it will tie your room together regardless of the room color by fitting the room accent color. There are countless benefits of using sham for your bedding. The best is that it will make your bedroom look more polished. It works with the rest of the room’s interior decor.

Although you can use them under your head for sleeping, unlike the pillowcase created for sleeping and covering the pillows, Shams’s purpose is solely to work as decorative items that most people can use for their beds. When you compare the fabric weight of it to the normal pillowcase, you will know that these are only best for decorative purposes. Moreover, you can use it when watching TV or sitting on a couch. You can keep it on your lap to get that support. The first sham was invented in the 17th century, after that there have been various inventions. Amongst them is the sham for the bedding, rather than using it on pillows you can also use it as a blanket, known as a duvet sham.

What are Shams for Bed?

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The type of blanket you are likely to get when you buy a pillow sham. If you don’t know what is a sham in a bed set? It is known as Duvet. A sham blanket or Duvet is a thinner version of the comforter, it is usually warmer, but as the pillow shams, these are also for decorative purposes. When you compare it with the comforter, a duvet is a flat bag filled with down feathers or synthetic fibers so that it can retain the heat and softness of the sheet. If you are using a duvet, you will not need to use other extra sheets or blankets as its heat will make it sufficient for sleeping purposes. 

In some cases, it is just a sham blanket with nothing more than a duvet cover. It also has enough in which you can slip into a comforter. Like the pillow sham, it is also a decorative cover that has space to place a blanket within it so that you can make it look more appealing and attractive. You can easily remove them and toss them in the washing machine if you want to wash them when they get dirty.

Is it Better to Sleep on Pillow Shams?

As mentioned earlier, the properties and materials used for making these may not make them an ideal thing to sleep on. A sham pillow disguises a pillow, keeps it clean, attractive, and enhances the bed’s look and the whole room. You can sleep on it if you want to, and you can easily remove it and put it back on. If you are amongst those who like to use an extensive amount of pillows when they are sleeping, the benefit of shams is that you can remove them easily if you are not comfortable with them. Another good thing about it is that it does not get dirty that quickly and if they do get dirty, you can remove them easily either by buttoning it down or pulling down the zipper and putting it into the washing machine.

How to Style the Pillow Sham?

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The way you style the sham is up to your preferences and the look you want to get with a made-up showpiece bed. 

You can stack up against your sham; it is the simple and common approach if you want to complete the bedroom look. You should take your sleeping pillows and put them flat on the bed head. After doing all that, you can put the decorative sham on top to create a quick and pleasing arrangement. If you want, get creative with the pillow shams. However, the stacked style will make your bedroom look more clean, simple, elegant, and simple.

Another way to style up the pillow shams is to layer your pillows. It is a fun method to show off your decorative skills. With this method, you will need to position the sleeping pillows upright against the headboard. You should take the shams and lean them against the sleeping pillows. It will cause an overflow of pillows. You can also throw some decorative pillows, such as boudoirs and bolsters, at the front. You should use this signature bed look.

How to Buy the Appropriate Sham?

Knowing about the size of pillows, you will need to transform your bed into bed accessories, the initial step of choosing the right sham. If the sham you purchased does not fit in with the pillows you have, your purchase will not be of worth. To cover up with the wrong sham size, you can buy new pillows that will fit in with the current pillow shams. It is better to know that shams generally come in the standard pillow sizes, so for purchasing the sham, you should know the size of the pillow you want to put the sham case on.

There is another thing to consider when choosing a sham. You should also know that the sham you are buying will match with the Duvet and bed sheets. Whereas a sham set comes with a duvet and sheet set, you will have to purchase them separately in rare cases. Other than that, you should also consider the sham style, which depends on your preferences.

How to Make Your Bed Sham?

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If you are into DIY and do not want to buy the sham pillows, you can easily make a bed sham for yourself. You will need some vision, good fabric, and basic sewing skills. Fabrics on the thicker side or with somebody to them are the best fabric choice that you can choose. Although any material would work best, the better option is to use a thicker fabric. You will need the following materials that are essential for making your sham bed:

  • Fabric 
  • Pins 
  • Ruler 
  • Scissors 

Step 1

Your initial step should be to cut the fabric that will fit your pillow. You can measure it by yourself or check the dimensions of your pillow sizes. For a more substantial look, you should make the flanges larger. You can also make them small or leave them and do not add them at all. The design is all up to your imaginations. After getting all the pieces, you should cut the back piece in half to make an opening. It will help you to fit in the pillow.

Step 2

Your next step should be to assemble the sham. You can start by taking the front-facing pillow panel and face it front side up. After that, you should put the back panel side down on top of the front panel. You should ensure that you have aligned all the edges perfectly. You should know that the back panels should overlap about 8-10 inches.

Step 3

You can start the sewing process. You should sew up the bed sham all around the edges. After you are done with this process, you should flip the sham inside out through the envelope opening that you have cut in half initially.

Step 4

You will need this step only when you want to surround the flanges. You can add another stitch border down about two inches into the bedding sham. Ensure that you have planned and measured out the extra few inches when cutting the fabric.

Step 5

After doing all the above steps, you will be left with the last and foremost step, and it is that you should insert your pillow into the sham you have created.

How to Maintain Pillow Shams?

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Like we said earlier, these are useful for placing the head for support and back when you are not sleeping in the bed. When you are not using the bed, they will make your bed look aesthetically appealing since these are a considerate investment in the look and bed treatment. We would suggest you hand wash them to make them last longer and preserve the texture. Some shams are made with texture at the front. These are delicate and fragile add-ons that you should handle with care. There is no denying that you can put them in the washing machine, but it is better to wash them by hand to preserve the look and design for longer.


This is all the essential information that you should know about pillow shams. We hope this article has answered your questions, such as what is a standard sham in a bed set? Or what is a sham set? Shams are the best thing you can use to decorate your bedroom without doing any hard work or putting a lot of investment in it. 

How does your bedroom look play an essential role in enhancing the look of your overall bedroom?  It is something that you should not miss out on. If you are not into buying and looking for a challenge, you can also make the shams by yourself. You will be all good with the help of some materials and some basic sewing skills. After reading this article on what is a sham bedding, I hope you got to know about the significance of pillow shams and bedding.

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