7 Tips on How to Change the Appearance of Your Windows

7 Tips on How to Change the Appearance of Your Windows

Window decorations are usually considered only a practical addition to the room. You may think that window treatments are designed to reduce the amount of light in the room, keep it warmer or beautify the look. But the way you decorate your windows can have a great impact on the overall design of your room. If you think that your room is not so cozy as you want it to be or you are simply bored with the old look your window has, it’s high time to add it some attractiveness. Here is a list of seven tips on how to change the appearance of your window.

1. Increase The Area Near The Window

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The area near the window can provide you with bright sunshine and a feeling of warmth. If you plaсe a built-in window seat, it has all the chances to become your favorite place. But if you don’t have enough room for a full-fledged window seat, you can design a small reading corner by placing an armchair near the window. This top can be especially suitable for bay NYC windows. To stay on the safe side, it is better to choose an armchair that will correspond to the general style of the curtains or room as a whole.

2. Use Several Layers of Window Decoration

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There are no strict rules about how many window dressings you can have on your window. Roller blinds, drapes, sheer voile and shutters in any combination can provide your room with a cozy look. Moreover, layering is a great choice not only for bedrooms, but a living room will also have a better appearance with such window dressing.

3. Let The Light In

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Of course, you may hand thick drapes or shutters in order to block lights from the street or keep your privacy. But if there is no need for this, a sheer voile can be a great option. This transparent fabric will scatter sun rays throughout the day and emit a warm pleasant light throughout the room creating a cozy look.

4. Choose Interesting Prints and Ornaments

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If you need to add some bright and interesting accent to your place of living, you can choose some printed curtains. Prints and ornaments can really make your room less boring and monotonous. If you are fond of a more classical look (like cushions should match curtains), you can mix calm geometrical prints with floral. This will give your room a little life and will not be too sharp or splashy.

5. Hang Some Artworks Instead of Curtains

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If your living room is not so big as you want it to be, you may be eager to visually increase its size. Massive curtains and pompous sheer voile can cut some space and clutter up the room. Moreover, if you live in a house with old windows, they may be too beautiful to hang them up. But empty space on the sides of the window can look incompleted. You can hang there some pictures or some other artworks. If your window looks very bare, you can decorate it with little pelmet or short sheer voile.

6. Add Some Bright Color

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If your walls are white or neutral, you can add some bright accents like colorful curtains or blinds. These window decorations will perfectly dilute the monotony and improve your room. You can also choose several shades that match each other. This will give your room a fresh and bright look.

7. Don’t Forget About The Windowsill

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A windowsill is a great area where you can make some seasonal displays or simply put some candles and dried oranges for a pleasant scent. You can also place some plants there but be sure that they will feel good there. Be creative and let your window look the way you want. These are the Window decorations ideas that can change the window appearance.