Write For Us: Home Decor Ideas, Office Decoration Tips, Kitchen, Outdoor & Garden

Write For Us: Home Decor Ideas, Office Decoration Tips, Kitchen, Outdoor & Garden

Hey there, welcome to InnovativeDecorIdeas. If you are here, it means you have something to offer us. Looking for ‘decor ideas write for us,’ right? You are in the perfect place. We are continually looking for writers that can contribute quality and valuable content.

As you are willing to provide it to us, you must look at the guest posting guidelines on our website. However, before we move there, here’s brief information about our website and what we offer our audience.

We aim to provide innovative decor ideas for almost everything from small houses to big mansions, gardens, patio & outdoor to the pool area, and even gymnasium to the onlooking readers. Here in our blog, one can find detailed information on every home decor aspect like living room decor, bedroom decor, dining room decor, kids room decor, kitchen decor, and other decor collections. If you are here to get the solution to creating a small office space, we covered up that too!

Our in-house content writer team spends a lot of time researching the topic, finding thousands of ways to spruce up the room or yard or anything. Then shortlists around 20 or 30 of them and engagingly mentions them in the blog. Read a blog on our website and you will understand what we are trying to say.

Hence, to help you draft the perfect content, we have added a few guidelines. It will act as a blueprint for you to create content that our readers like. Let’s hop on!

Guest Post Policy & Requirements

Here in this section, we have mentioned points that state the quality, link placement, preferred topics, and much more. Keep reading to know everything! 

Quality Requirements:

Read the following points before investing your time in writing the content for our website:

The lengthy content is highly preferred. To give you exact numbers, the 800 or more than that word count is enough for us to consider. However, make sure the content has the quality and provides plenty of information to readers.

Draft plagiarism-free content. This is the thing that attracts us the most. We strive for original and freshly brewed content. Also, you can’t just send just spin content thinking it will pass unnoticed. Our content editors will catch it with a look, and you will be asked to rewrite it or get rejected.

Try to curate structured content that will make the navigation and understanding easy for the readers. Add subheadings and bullet points wherever possible. Remember, content with short paragraphs (with a maximum of 70 to 100 words) will hold the reader till the end.

Write content in English language only, as most of our audience prefers that only!

Apart from original and structured content, we also see the writing style. Your writing style should be engaging enough to make an enjoyable experience for the reader.

Preferred Topics and Subjects:

We know it’s hard to select a single topic when you have so much to choose from! InnovativeDecorIdeas is all about providing decoration solutions to the seekers. So here’s the list of subjects that you can write for us to accept your content.

Basically, you can write on anything that can be decorated in the architecture industry, regardless of its purpose and style. A piece of advice from our side, always check whether the subject you selected is there on the website. If it is, then you will have to change the topic. Please, feel free to ping us if you want to discuss the topic first and then write.

Link Requirements & Policies:

We have experience of receiving content full of spammy links here and there. So we have made link requirements policies as a precautionary step. Have a look at them:

  • You must add at least one internal link to the content – A link that will take the reader to one of our blog pages on the website. While doing that, make sure it is relevant to the topic you are writing.
  • We don’t have any strict rules regarding the external link placement in the article. The website should be genuine with a zero spam score and relevant to the topic and niche.
  • You can place one link that will take the reader to your website.
  • Don’t add any affiliated links in the content. We do not accept any of them from the guest post author’s side. If found, it will be either removed or changed on our end.
  • We do add the author bio with the content. Though it is not compulsory, we recommend sending a name, photo, and descriptive bio stating all your social media channels and links to them. This way, you will have full credibility of the post.

Post Image Requirements:

Images are the attractive part of the blog, so having high-quality and eye-catchy photos will make a real difference in reader retention. We accept both photos and videos!

  • The image dimension for the post should be at least 800*800 pixels.
  • No matter what you are attaching, a video or an image, make sure you have full rights to them. If not, then cite the source. You can also get photos from free platforms like Pexels.

Editorial Policies:

We have the right to edit your content! As soon as you submit the write-up, our content editors will review it for grammatical errors, engagement issues, and whether it is according to the guidelines or not. So don’t mind if we ask for too many changes in the article. This is all necessary to provide the audience with the best article to read. 


You shouldn’t worry about the promotions of the article. We have a full team of social media and SEO experts to do that. They will make sure that content is adequately promoted on all social media channels. You should also do the same. The more, the better!

Where to Submit?

As soon as you are done curating content, do the proofreading, and get it reviewed from your end. Now, submit it to us at innovativedecorideas@gmail.com.

Once we have your write-up on our hand, the content editor will review it and ask for changes (if any). If the content is as per our guidelines and is perfect to be uploaded, we will do so.

Once the article is posted on the website, you will receive a mail with the live link and the acknowledgment for the same.

Which are our search terms?

Search terms are keywords that help writers, websites, and others find the website’s guest post article page. There are chances you are here with one of them. If not this, then through the website.

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We are glad that you have taken interest in posting on InnovativeDecorIdeas. We will be waiting for your mail with a query or the Article itself.

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